our annual THANKSGIVING DRONE program is your soundtrack to digestion and food coma. the curse of doing a thursday night radio show is the obligation to host a broadcast after gorging yourself on food and drink. in answer, we offer up ambient and beatless avant-electronic selections so we can all nod off. this year LUKE STOKES returns from hiatus with classic selections from TETSU INOUE, ROBERT HENKE + TANGERINE DREAM. WIDMAN sails through the second track with a new long-form piece from legends THE BLACK DOG. [aired 27 november 2014]

Markus Guentner & LA Grande Illusion 
   - Baghira - Pop Ambient 2006 - kompakt
Steve Roach - a few more moments - Quiet Music - Projekt
Robert Henke - Layer 003 - layering Buddha - Imabalnce computer music
Bohren & der club of gore - Daumen - Geisterfaust - wonder
Tetsu Inoue - inter link - world receiver - infraction
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra - Phaedra - virgin
Dead voices on air - till the dusk 
   - from afar all stars spark and glee - lens records

The Black Dog "Hymn for Megatron" 
   - https://soundcloud.com/the-black-dog/a-hymn-for-megatron

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