JEROEN EROSIE (3024 Music) guest mix + new music from WALTON, GUERDA GUERDA + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B. Dutch DJ JEROEN EROSIE begins the program with guest a mix of house, acid, breakbeat, broken techno + electro, which nods to Chicago while showcasing the bass-music hybrid style of the 3024 label he runs with ABSCI favorite MARTYN. EROSIE is also a well-regarded visual artist, whose graffiti + street art inspired designs have defined the look of 3024 Music. BILL follows with footwork, jungle + left-field drum n bass. [aired 17 June 2021 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Chicago Skyway “Sean & Lueys Cool Walk” Eargasmic Recordings, 2010
Claro Intelecto “Chicago” AI Records, 2004
Christian Piers “Cosmic Echo” 17 Steps, 2019
Oscar Mulero “Goals and Other Perceptions” Semantica Records, 2019
Omar S “Bitch….I’ll Buy Another One!!!” FXHE Records, 2016
Black Cadmium “I Told Ya” Vault Wax, 2021
Jerome Hill “Song For Aitch” Dext Recordings, 2019
Oall Hates “PCT-666” Of Paradise, 2020
Martyn “Vancouver” (Head High Remix), 3024, 2014
Hooverian Blur “Good Hurt”, Furthur Electronix, 2021
Pugilist “Acid Flange” 3024, 2020
Axefield “Slapende Honden” Who’s Susan, 2019
Doctor Jeep “Acolyte” SPE:C, 2020
Dehousy “Reboot” (Tommy Kid & Pl4net Dust Remix) [re]sources, 2018
LMajor “Lockdown” Not On Label, 2020
Djrum “Showreel Pt2” R&S Records, 2017

Nikki Nair “Buggy” Juke Bounce Werk, 2020
Pinch “Accelerated Culture” Tectonic, 2020
Guedra Guedra “Seven Poets” On The Corner, 2021
Fiesta Soundsystem “Phlso” Scuffed Recordings, 2021
Pugilist “Nightshade” DEXT Recordings, 2020
IZCO ft Novelist “Revitalisation” Rinse, 2020
Kode9 “Xingfu Lu” Hyperdub, 2013
Proc Fiskal “A Like Ye” Hyperdub, 2018
Makaya McCraven “The Newbies Lift Off” (LCY Remix) Not On Label, 2019
Walton “Rewind Riddim” Ilian Tape, 2021
Collo “Bantu Nilote” Decisions, 2020
Seven Orbits “Monolite” SVBKVLT, 2020
Voronhil “13” Clam, 2021
Raumskaya “Iris” Hyperboloid Records, 2019
HXE “Spill” UIQ, 2019
Laksa “T’s Tent” Hessle Audio, 2020
Ssiege “Chromatic” Youth, 2021