BEST OF 2020 part 1, featuring CYGNUS, HOOVERSOUND RECORDINGS, HUERTA, IKONIKA, KRUST, LOKUA, MR. MITCH , SAM BINGA, THROWING SNOW, WALTON + many more, on the first of two ABSTRACT SCIENCE year-in-review podcasts. Co-hosts CHRIS WIDMAN + BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B mix 2 diverse hours of future music favorites from 2020 [aired 03 December 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago].

96 Back “Mutual Fireworks Lateral” (ADRISM, 2020)
Wagon Christ “Alright” (Recepticon, People of Rhythm, 2020)
Mr. Mitch “Stinky Leg” (Patrimony, 2020)
Lokua “963 Hz” (Upswing, 2020)
El-B “Brixton 2 Croydon” (GD4YA, 2020)
Robert Hood “The Struggle” (M-Plant, 2020)
Special Request “Polymorphic” (In Order To Care, R&S, 2020)
Djoser “Alumen” (Secret Greeting EP, 3024, 2020)
Ikonika “Your Body ” (Bodies, Don’t Be Afraid, 2020)
Clap! Clap! “Blue Flower” (Liquid Portraits, Black Acre, 2020)
Monolake “Alu Minimum” (Archaeopteryx, Imbalance Computer Music, 2020)
HØST “3D PASSIVE” (SURVIVE, Hooversound, 2020)
Slikback “NOBORU” (///, 2020)
Sam Binga feat. Slay “Spinners feat. Slay” (Pineapple, 2020)
Deft “Burna” (Hooversound, 2020)
Phillip D Kick “Funk 160” (As We Continue (Astrophonica, 2020)
Krust “Hegel Dialect” (The Edge Of Everything, Crosstown Rebels, 2020)
Hudson Mohawke “Need U Here” (Poom Gems, Warp, 2020)

Fracture & Sam Binga “On Right Now” Astrophonica, 2020
Champion “Buy Two Copies” (Part Two) Butterz, 2020
Commodo “Loan Shark” Black Acre, 2020
Kahn & Neek “(Having A Sick Time) In The Mansions Of Bliss” Sector 7 Sounds, 2020
Lemzly Dale “Farewell” Pearly Whites, 2020
Biome x Hypho “Encoded” Manuka Records, 2020
Anunaku & DJ Plead “Clap Clap” AD 93, 2020
Bop x Subwave “Haze” Hospital Records, 2020
Walton “Djembe” Ilian Tape, 2020
Cygnus “Neon Flux” World Building, 2020
Huerta “All Wild Things Are Shy” Voyage Recordings, 2020
Throwing Snow “The Death Of Pragmatism” (Mako Remix) Houndstooth, 2020
Seba & Paradox “Hexagon” Metalheadz, 2020
Wreckless “Lloyd’s Building at Night” Dispatch Recordings, 2020
Phuture T ft Sofi Mari “Boomtown Jazz” Inperspective Records, 2020