BEAU WANZER guest mix + new music from B12, ROMARE, DOMS & DEYKERS, + NOVO LINE on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins the program with a selection slow burners–ranging from ambient techno (B12) to more abrasive NOVO LINE + house grooves (new ROMARE)–followed by glichty IDM, + a bass heavy mix of UK garage, disco + techno. chicago-based DJ + producer BEAU WANZER takes over for the second hour, spinning a set of eclectic synth oddities. WANZER makes machine music influenced by techno, house, industrial + experimental sounds. notable 12″ releases on the much-lauded L.I.E.S label + TRAXX’s NATION RECORDS helped catapult WANZER to the international level + his own label distributed through the netherlands excelent RUSH HOUR MUSIC. in chicago, WANZER recently celebrated 10 years of his HOT ON THE HEELS night, which happens every first TUESDAY at DANNY’s. [aired 17 november 2016 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

B12 “Untold” (All Abandon All, CPU Records, 2016)
Illum Sphere “River” (Glass, Ninja Tune, 2016)
Novo Line “Three Forces” (Movements, Ecstatic Recordings, 2016)
Roman Flügel “All The Right Noises” (All The Right Noises, Dial Records, 2016)
Romare “Come Close To Me” (Love Songs: Part Two, Ninja Tune, 2016)
Dead Fader “Sweeties” (It Works 1, Parachute, 2016)
Cepia " " (Natura Morta, Ghostly Intl, 2007)
Lil Jabba “Solem” (Grotto, Local Action, 2016)
Doms & Deykers “Grime for Dolly” (Evidence From A Good Source, 3024, 2016)
Black Devil Disco Club“Timing, Forget the Timing (Kerrier District Remix)” (Alter K, 2016)
JTC “Infoline (DMX Crew Remix)” (JTC, Bopside, 2016)
Struction “Kreen” (Gefüge, R&S, 2016)
Doms & Deykers	“Eyes Up” (Evidence From A Good Source, 3024, 2016)
B12 “Obsessed” (Electro Soma, Warp Records, 1994)

Doxa Sinistra - The Other Stranger
John Bender - Meat
Frank Tovey/Boyd Rice - Untitled 
Laughing Hands - Track 5
The Stupid Set - Basset
Data Bank A - Shapes of Love
Ron Crowcroft - I am Normal
Bernard C. - Triptyque Aleatoire
Mother Tongue - Humble Man
Daniel Miller/Boyd Rice - Cleanliness and Order
P16 D4 - E&E
Peter Gordan & Lawrence Weiner - Deutsche Angst
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