absci radio 1159 – daphne series – joshua p ferguson + henry self

ANJA SCHNEIDER, ANZ, JULIET FOX + SOFIA KOURTESIS top the list of producers being showcased on this DAPHNE edition of ABSTRACT SCIENCE with hosts JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. Keeping our annual tradition alive—despite the pandemic pressure keeping us out of Chicago’s SMART BAR, where DAPHNE was founded—we’re dedicating the month of March to…

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absci radio 1136 – chris widman

New new music from WAGON CHRIST aka LUKE VIBERT, CHRISSY + ANZ, along with new old music from THE BUG + LONE on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with CHRIS WIDMAN in the mix. WIDMAN begins with a live session from the latest incarnation of TANGERINE DREAM (officially sanctioned by EDGAR FROESE before his death, with…

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absci radio 1133.1132 – whoa-b + chris widman + henry self

New music from 214, ANZ, DANIEL AVERY, AL WOOTON + SLIKBACK on this extended ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with WHOA-B aka BILL BEARDEN, CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF in the mix. BILL begins the program with an electro-inspired hour, combining contemporary versions of the classic sound with bits of breakbeat + grime. For the second hour,…

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