New music from ANZ, NATE MANIC, JOY ORBISON + a feature mix of music from KEVEN MARTIN aka THE BUG, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins with midwest + uk techno, moving into garage, electro + breakbeat on the way to drum n bass + jungle. The last 40 minutes is a feature mix of favorite productions, collaboration & remixes from KEVIN MARTIN aka THE BUG, in celebration of his new album “FIRE”. The mix features his signature work with heavyweight grime + dancehall MCs, as well as projects with frequent collaborator JUSTIN K BROADRICK (of GODFLESH), the unexpected (yet not surprising) album with DYLAN CARSTEN of EARTH + yet just begins to scratch the surface of MARTIN’s output. [aired 09 September 2021 on WLUW-CHICAGO 88.7FM]

The Black Dog “Feeder Rub Out” (Liber Dogma, PAIS, 2014)
Shawn Rudiman “There’s a Darkness Under Every Sun” (Flow State, Pittsburgh Tracks, 2021)
Ravelogic “Ukiyo” (Ganzfeld, 2021)
Mark Pritchard “J Is For _ _ _ _” (MP Productions – EP 1, Warp Records)
Lil Silva “Get Down” (DON’T ASK ME FOR 320’S – PACK 2, 2020)
Kerrie “Phantom Self” (Inner Space PT1, Dark Machine Funk, 2021)
Nate Manic “You Will Not Ruin Me” (Quaint But Extra, 2021)
LMajor “Feeling (ft. Fracture)” (Can’t Do It, Astrophonica, 2021)
Krust “Constructive Ambiguity (Hodge Remix)” (The Edge Of Everything-Remixed, Crosstown Rebels, 2021)
Kush Jones “Rugrats (Anz Childish Remix)” (2021)
Assembler Code “Momentary Shift” (DTH for Brave Space Alliance, Don’t Trust Humans, 2021)
Al’s Magic “Villanelle” (Machine Tone, 2021)
Joy Orbison “layer 6” (still slipping vol. 1, Hinge Finger, 2021)
ASC “Common Ground” (The Space Cadets Files, Space Cadets, 2012)
Pessimist “No Fxxxing Soul” (Atyeo, Ilian Tape, 2020)
Danny Scrilla “World Below” (Daybreak, Cosmic Bridge, 2020)
Sully “5ives” (2021)
FANU “B-Side Science” (Legacy EP, Metalheadz, 2020)
Samurai Breaks “Jitterbug (Coco Bryce)” (Hooversound, 2021)
The Upsetters “Kutchi Skank” (Trojan Records, 1973)

The Bug “Demon (feat. Irah)” (Fire, Ninja Tune, 2021)
The Bug “Run the Place Red (AFX Smojphace remix Ft. Daddy Freddy)” (Pressure Versions, 2020)
The Bug vs Earth “Don’t Walk These Streets” (Concrete Desert, 2017)
The Bug “Skeng” (London Zoo, Ninja Tune, 2008)
Zonal “Wrecked” (Wrecked, Relapse, 2019)
The Bug “Pressure (feat. Flowdan)” (Fire, Ninja Tune, 2021)
JK Flesh “In Your Pit (The Bug remix)” (In Your Pit E.P, 2019)
The Bug “Function Featuring Manga” (Angels And Devils, Ninja Tune, 2014)
The Bug feat Warrior Queen “Poison Dart Live at Subterranean” (2008)
Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Upsetters “Dread Lion” (Super Ape, Island, 1980)