kiddo + daphne series – absci radio [as0982]

KIDDO guest mix + SMART BAR’s DAPHNE series showcase on this week’s ABSCI podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. special guest dj KIDDO is performing + organizing at SMART BAR CHICAGO’s annual DAPHNE series, which celebrates women + feme-indentifying artists in dance music with performances + workshops throughout march. a veteran chicago dj, music journalist (who’s…

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the black madonna – radio show [as0897]

THE BLACK MADONNA guest mix + favorite female electronic music producers, including HOLLY HERNDON, IKONIKA + BARBARA MORGENSTERN, are featured on this special episode. in honor of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (mar 8) and smartbar’s ongoing DAPHNE: A WOMEN’S MOVEMENT IN DANCE MUSIC series, WIDMAN selects music from his favorite female producers (and female led groups)…

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