JANA RUSH guest mix + new music from ELECTRIC INDIGO, STEPHANIE MERCHAK + ANNA COOK on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast. WIDMAN follows up episode #1030 with another mix in the spirit of SMARTBAR’s annual DAPHNE series, featuring favorite female electronic producers. for the second hour we have an exclusive guest mix from featured DAPHNE performer JANA RUSH. JANA got her start as a juke DJ prodigy, releasing her first production at the age of 13 on chicago’s legendary DANCE MANIA imprint. in 2017, she released her debut footwork album “pariah” to world-wide critical acclaim. [aired 22 march 2018 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith “Rare Things Grow” (Ears, Western Vinyl, 2016)
Anna Cook “Underwater Phonecall” (Silk To Dry The Tears, 100% Silk, 2018)
Maribel Tafur ”Luna” (South-American Women In Electronic Music, Surrounding Label, 2016)
K HAND “Outta Area“ (Funky Tonight, Third Ear Recordings, 2013)
Stephanie Merchak “Ich habe nichts gesehen” (Eine Frage, DMT Records, 2018)
Ikonika “Lights Are Forever” (Aerotropolis, Hyperdub, 2016)
Aurora Halal “Death of Real” (Shapeshifter, Mutual Dreaming, 2015)
Kamila Govorcin	Vcios “Kamila Govorcin” (El Mundo, Panal Records, 2017)
Noncompliant “More Howl, More Keening” (More Than Surviving, Valence, 2017)
JASSS “Oral Couture” (Weightless, Ideal, 2017)
Electric Indigo “Sept” (511593, Imbalance Computer Music, 2018)
Thoom “Apology ft. Scim” (Blood and Sand, Club Chai, 2017)
Helena Hauff “Funereal Morality“ (Discreet Desires, Werk Discs, 2015)

Guest mix for Abstract Science

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