mark pritchard

absci radio [as1031]

HIEROGLYPHIC BEING, BICEP, MOBY + MARK PRITCHARD lead off this week’s episode of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast with MISTER JOSHUA + HENRY SELF. MISTER JOSHUA spends the first hour continuing his explorations through modern day jazz touching on the contemporary UK scene, the latest in live bruk sounds and a touch from the spiritual front….

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absci radio show [as0947]

MARK PRITCHARD, JAMES BLAKE, TOURIST + RADIOHEAD are the standouts of a new-music heavy installment of the podcast this week. MISTER JOSHUA slides right into things with a techy first half featuring LAWRENCE + AXEL BOMAN, easing into bassy sounds from MALA, MARK PRITCHARD + JAMES BLAKE and rounding out with music from FLOATING POINTS + CARLOS…

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