Roots Rewind: Frank Beverly & the Butlers “Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)” (Shoes Slow Soul Flow edit)

With a career that’s spanned gospel, doo-wop, soul, funk and R&B, Philly crooner Frankie Beverly is a name that should rank up there with some of America’s golden voices like Al Green and Marvin Gaye, the latter of which helped Beverly and his band Maze reach greater popularity in the ’60s. He may not be…

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There’s something inherent in machine music that instinctively connects to the otherworldly qualities of the cosmos. Since techno’s birth, its bond to science fiction has never weakened, and even for Chicago duo Innerspace Halflife, who draw as much from Chicago’s dance music roots as the Motor City’s, the pull of some distant space has ensnared…

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best of 2013 (omitted): SHIGETO + KROMESTAR

excellent LPs from SHIGETO (“no better time than now”) + KROMESTAR (“tears of joy”) are the most glaring omissions we’ve noticed, so far, from our “best of 2013” radio show. the former was such a program staple during the year, that each co-host must have assumed one of the others would include the talented michigan…

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