BADBADNOTGOOD, MACHINEDRUM, JOY ORBISON + TOMU DJ lead a new-music-filled edition of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast with hosts JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. JOSHUA runs down the latest in contemporary jazz-wise business before flipping into a string of breaks and bass heavy on the ’90s nostalgia. HENRY picks up on the moody deep-end of house + acid that makes its way into leftfield synth, breaks + afro disco. [aired 14 October 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Nala Sinephro “Space 1” (SPACE 1.8, Warp, 2021)
Nubya Garcia “Together is a Beautiful Place to Be” (Nala Sinephro remix) (Source We Move, Concord Jazz, 2021)
BADBADNOTGOOD “Unfolding (Momentum 73)” (Talk Memory, XL, 2021)
Emma-Jean Thackray “Spectre” (Yellow, Movementt, 2021)
Hector Plimmer “Let’s Stay” (Sunshine, Albert’s Favourites, 2017)
Gilb’R “Triangle Days” (On Danse Comme Des Fous, Versatile, 2021)
Mansur Brown “Want You” (Heiwa, Amai, 2021)
Yppah “Pieces” (Sunset in the Deep End, Future Archive, 2020)
Ike “Petale” (Stone Diviner, Die Orakel, 2021)
Tomu DJ “Pretty Stuff” (FEMINISTA, Side Chick, 2021)
Eliphino “I Don’t Want to Wait for You” (Breaking Up is Hard, Secretsundaze, 2019)
More Rockers “Night Fall” (Dub Plate Selection Vol 1, More Rockers, 1995)
Ashaye “Dreaming” (Jungle mix) (V4Visions, 1994)
The Range “Tricky Pose” (Panasonic, Donky Pitch, 2014)
upsammy “Flutter” (Bend, Dekmantel, 2021)

Jasper Tygner “That’s Too Slow” (Eyes Open EP, Silver Bear, 2021)
Moktar “Cotton” (Moktar EP, Steel City Dance Discs, 2021)
Plastikman “EXhale” (Dixon’s Just A Different Mixdown Version, EX Club Mixes, 2015)
Joy Orbison “In Drink” (Still Slipping Vol. 1, XL, 2021)
Alan Dixon “WWAWD” (I’m OK, You’re OK (We’ll Be OK), Permanent Vacation, 2021)
Valida “On Fire” (Instrumental) (Mixed Signals, HRMNX, 2021)
Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren “The Storm That Passed” (Artefact, Spotted Peccary, 2021)
Little Dragon “Another Lover” (Octo Octa’s River Flow Mix) (New Me, Same Us Remix EP, Ninja Tune, 2021)
Machinedrum feat. Chrome Sparks “Inner Ear” (Psyconia, Ninja Tune, 2021)
Burnin Beat feat. Olive Masinga “Searchin'” (It’s Hot, RPM, 1979)