New music from HERITAGE, KOBE JT, YEULE, BORIS, HEATHERED PEARLS + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + LUKE STOKES. BILL begins with a bouncy mix, displaying the many shades of new + recent UK garage/2 step sounds. LUKE follows with an eclectic set, that begins with techno, house + breakbeat, before slowing down into downtempo + ambient soundscapes. [aired 17 February 2022 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Bakey “Flip the Script” Not On Label, 2021
Yosh “Pigments” Time Is Now, 2021
Frankel & Harper “Tortilla Flex” Cheeky Music Group, 2021
Heritage “Chrome” Scuffed Recordings, 2022
SP:MC “Love Hz” Declassified, 2021
Stones Taro “Step Into Midnight” Cheeky Music Group, 2021
Joy Orbison ft James Massiah & Bathe “swag w/ kav” XL, 2021
Groove Chronicles “Masterplan” Groove Chronicles, 1999
Herb LF “I Know About” Practical Rhythms, 2021
Kobe JT “All I Do” Time Is Now, 2022
K-Lone “Snyders” Sweet N Tasty, 2021
Gemi “Bang” (2021 Mix) Not On Label, 2021
Emz & Gemi ft Charli Brix “WANT2DANCE” (Deep Dub) Not On Label, 2021
M4A4 “Starbeam” Cheeky Music Group, 2021
Para “Event Horizon” Not On Label, 2022
Synpal “Visions” Smokin’ Sessions, 2021
Main Phase “Ground 0.1” Lost City Archives, 2021
Hooverian Blur “Square Jazz” Sneaker Social Club, 2022

Vel “Freed and Delicious” (He took one Cliché, Nadsat, 2022)
Soundscape Orchestra “Unknown Species (Silver Galaxy’s Vision)” (Oceans EP, Jazz-O-Tech, 2022 )
Manatee Commune “Majestic Diver” (Various Artists: 20 Years of Bastard Jazz, Bastard Jazz, 2021)
Alcantara “5 PM At Liverpool St” (Perpetual Motion, Pyteca, 2022)
VTSS “The need to avoid” (Projections EP, Technicolour, 2021)
Model Man “Wait Till Tonight” (Model Man, Mahogany / Marathon, 2021)
Little Dragon “Drifting Out (Kelsey Lu Remix)” (Drifting Out EP, Ninja Tune, 2021)
Yeule “My Name Is Nat Cmiel” (Glitch Princess, Bayonet Records, 2022)
The Green Kingdom “Atmosphere 1” (Solaria, Sound in Silence, 2021)
Stu Pender “Tributary” (Stillness in Motion, Youngbloods, 2022)
Sea Oleena “Calvisius” (Weaving a Basket, Cascine, 2020)
Boris “Icelina” (W, Sacred Bones, 2022)
Daniel Blumberg “Falling in Love” (The World to Come Original Soundtrack, Mute, 2022)
Heathered Pearls “Pain Tolerance (Kyle McEvoy & wowflower Remix)” (Cast Remixes Part III, Ghostly, 2022)
Fall Therapy “Float Through” (Fall Therapy, n5MD, 2022)
Gruth “Noema II v2” (Unreleased)