NIA ARCHIVES, PARK HYE JIN, ELKKA + KÁRYYN top the next installment in our March series focusing on women, trans + GNC artists across the electronic-music spectrum, hosted by JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + LUKE STOKES. JOSHUA digs back to the early ’80s with a pair of synth pioneers then takes a sharp turn to the present day with a mix of leftfield breaks, deep + tech house, + breezy downtempo. LUKE STOKES picks it up with a wildly eclectic selection of artists pushing the boundaries of electronic + experimental music new and old. [aired 24 March 2022 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Pauline Anna Strom “The Unveiling (Trans-Millenia Music, RVNG Intl., 2017)
Suzanne Ciani “The First Wave – Birth of Venus” (Seven Waves, Finnadar, 1982)
E.M.M.A. “Ryan Gosling in Space” (Indigo Dream, Local Action, 2020)
Kiimi “Lanzarote Howl” (Trust, Hotflush, 2022)
Belia Winnewisser “Unattainable Promises” (Mother Earth Took Poison in Her Soil, Die Orakel, 2022)
VTSS “For Your Safety” (Projections EP, Technicolour, 2022)
Nia Archives “Gud Gudbyes” (Forbidden Feelingz, HIJINXX, 2022)
Maria Chiara Argiro “Bonsai” (Innovative Leisure, 2022)
Willow “Untitled A1” (Workshop, 2016)
Sofia Kourtesis “Estacion Esparanza” (Ninja Tune, 2022)
Elkka “Morning Fuzz” (Euphoric Melodies, Technicolour, 2021)
Avalon Emerson “One More Fluorescent Rush” (Whities, 2017)
Azo “Aurora Space Station” (Space Tourism, Biologic, 2022)
Tomu DJ “Cali/Florida” (FEMINISTA, Side Chick, 2021)
Peggy Gou “Nabi” (Gudu, 2021)
Leevisa “Sori Wa Spirit” (Koreography, Perpetual Care, 2022)

Wendy Carlos “Sinfonia To Cantata # 29” (Switched-On Bach, Columbia, 1968)
Juana Molina “Bicho Auto” (Wed 21, Crammed Discs, 2013)
Nathalie Joachim with “Transformations” (10th-graders from Special Music School Kaufman Music Center, dot dot dot, 2020)
Ruby “Lush Mix 3 Master” (Revert To Type EP, Fireweed, 2013)
Xia Lang “The Corridor” (Codex, Youngbloods, 2020)
Nina Simone “Sinnerman” (At The Village Gate, Colpix, 1962)
박혜진 Hye-Jin Park “How Come” (How Can I EP, Ninja Tune, 2020)
Silver Swans” How Soon Is Now” (Touch, 2013)
Marie Wilhelmine Anders “High (The Wind) (Tis Remix)” (Andersworld, Broque Records, 2020)
K Á R Y Y N “YAJNA” (The Quanta Series, Mute, 2020)
Daphne Oram “Bird Of Parallax” (Oramics, Paradigm Discs, 2007)