New music from BRAND BRAUER FRICK, RROXYMORE, CYGNUS, LOKUA, ZACHARY LUBIN + more on the this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast hosted by JOSHUA P FERGUSON + CHRIS WIDMAN. JOSHUA begins with a mix of deep techno, acid house + space disco. WIDMAN follows with a set electro, techno, downtempo + drum n bass, featuring a number of Chicago connected artists. [aired 04 August 2022 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Plastikman “Disconnect” (Closer, NovaMute, 2003)
Brandt Brauer Frick “Step” (Because, 2022)
Mugwump “After They Fall” (Eskimo Twins remix) (Subfield, 2015)
Marvin & Guy “Egoista” (Hivern Discs, 2015)
Idjut Boys “Speedball” (Arse Hat edit) (Droid, 2022)
Anna Gram “As I Drift Away” (Permanent Vacation, 2022)
Koreless “Joy Squad” (Facta & K-Lone remix) (Young, 2022)
Roman Flugel “Teenage Engineering” (Monday Brain, Hypercolour, 2015)
Stimming “Alpe Lusia” (Robag Wruhme remix) (Robellada.22 EP, Tulpa Ovi Records, 2022)
rRoxymore “Midnight Shift” (I Wanted More EP, Aus Music, 2022)
Boston 168 “Nighcall” (Oblivion EP, Odd Even, 2016)
Sebastian Mullaert “Every Moment, I Am” (All the Keys Are Here, Apollo, 2017)
Juan Atkins & Mortiz Von Oswald “Transport” (Borderland: Transport, Tresor, 2016)

VHOOR “Vilarinho” (Baile & Bass, 2022)
Cygnus “Superneutral” (LASER Mode, Biosoft, 2022)
FRET “Stuck)” (Osiris Music, 2022)
Lokua “Rainmaker” (2207, 2022)
Pariah “Caterpillar” (Caterpillar
Two Shell “Ghosts” (Icons, Mainframe Audio, 2022)
Zachary Lubin “Protocypher 01” (Protocypher, Modularz 64, 2022)
Al Wootton “Mercia” (Wyre, Trule, 2022)
Jensen Interceptor + DeFeKT “Broken City” (Free Your Mind, Tresor, 2022)
Batu “Squall” (Opal, Timedance, 2022)
Max Segovia “Moon Smiled Back” (Moon Smiled Back EP, 2022)
sqip “nowyouknow” (battery, 2022)
SBTRKT “miss the days” (2022)
Objectiv and Lupo “Decisions”(31 Records, 2022)
Objekt “Bad Apples” (Objekt #5, 2022)