New music from IVY LAB, DANIEL AVERY, KORNÉL KOVÁCS, JAMAL MOSS, ACTRESS vs CARMEN VILLIAN, NIKKI NAIR, SARD + more on this extended ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B, HENRY SELF, JOSHUA P FERGUSON + CHRIS WIDMAN. BILL begins with a mix of uk club, broken beat + bass-driven house/techno. HENRY follows with an eclectic set of IDM, psych/indie electronic, downtempo + ambient. For hour 3, JOSHUA moves into dub-wise + atmospheric techno, then uptempo new jazz for the back half. WIDMAN closes out with a set of electro, techno, acid house + bass-music hybrids. [aired 27 October + 03 November 2022 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

BSN Posse “Space Family” (Not On Label, 2017)
Anna Morgan “Leverage” (3024, 2021)
BFTT “(in)finite scroll” (Polity Records, 2020)
K-Lone “Airtight” (Wisdom Teeth, 2021)
Duplex “Molecular” (Ovatow Reclock, Frustrated Funk, 2019)
Om Unit “Ghosts” (Not On Label, 2021)
Slackk “Never Saw The Mountain” (Not On Label, 2021)
Zaliva-D “Whisper” (SVBKVLT, 2020)
Hypho x Opus “Freeze” (Manuka, 2020)
Scratcha DVA “Hard” (Future Bounce, 2022)
Forest Drive West “Lost Signal” (Livity Sound, 2021)
Dream Cycle “Start While It’s Hot” (Sneaker Social Club, 2017)
Pearson Sound “Everything Is Inside Out” (Hessle Audio, 2020)
Oyubi “Cling Roll” (Not On Label, 2022)
Blawan “Gosk” (XL Recordings, 2021)
Ivy Lab “Cognac” (20/20 LDN Recordings, 2022)
Throwing Snow “Lithics” (Houndstooth, 2021)

Daniel Avery “Wall of Sleep” (Ultra Truth, Phantasy Sound, 2022)
Beth Orton “Haunted Satellite” (Weather Alive, Partisan, 2022)
Khruangbin “So We Won’t Forget” (Mang Dynasty Version) (Mordechai Remixes, Dead Oceans, 2021)
The Range “Balm” (Mercury, Domino, 2022)
Arjuna Oakes & Serebii “Guava” (Final Days, Innovative Leisure, 2022)
Emeralds “Magic” (Solar Bridge, Ghostly International, 2022)
Kornél Kovács “Usch” (Hotel Koko, Studio Barnhus, 2022)
Dub Africa “Mzanzi” (Dub) (ESL Collection, Rhythm and Culture, 2022)
Talkdemonic “Abandoned City” (Various Seasides, Lucky Madison, 2022)
Overmono “Gfortune” (Cash Romantic, XL, 2022)
LCD Soundsystem “New Body Rhumba” (White Noise Soundtrack, DFA/Columbia, 2022)
Jennifer Lara “I Am In Love” (Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara, Studio One, 1981)

Priori “The Village” (Your Own Power, NAFF, 2021)
HOLOVR “I-Continuum” (Ethereal Forces, Indole, 2021)
Carmen Villain “Carmen Villain” (Actress remix) (CV x Actress, Smalltown Supersound, 2022)
Deadbeat and Sa Pa “Yume No Serei” (The Mountain, BLKRTZ, 2022)
Jamal Moss “The Lust With-IN” (Thanks 4 the Tracks U Lost, Modern Love, 2022)
Belief “Bayo” (Belief, Lex, 2022)
Moor Mother “Barely Woke” (Jazz Codes, Anti-, 2022)
Skalpel “Why Not Jungle” (Origins, NoPaper, 2022)
Gi Gi “Two Ones” (Sunchoke, Good Morning Tapes, 2022)
Makaya McCraven “The Fours” (In These Times, International Anthem, 2022)
Hidden Orchestra “Three Islands” (live) (Creaks: Bonus, Live, Remixes, Minority Records, 2022)
Surprise Chef “Winter’s Theme” (Education & Recreation, Big Crown, 2022)
Ebi Soda “Pseudocreme” (Honk If You’re Sad, Tru Thoughts, 2022)

Batu “Spectral Hearts” (Opal, Timedance, 2022)
Pariah “Frogspawn” (Caterpillar, Voam, 2022)
Nikki Nair “It’s NP-Complicated” (Renormalization Support Group, Astrophonica, 2022)
Sard “L-Type” (Life on Ryugu, PPRZ, 2022)
TRG “Missed Calls” (Missed Calls EP, Subway, 2008)
Two Shell “Memory” (Icons, 2022)
Trevino “Plugged” (Collective Endeavours 01.2, Hotflush, 2017)
Konx-om-Pax “Optimism Over Despair” (Ways Of Seeing, Planet Mu, 2019)
WTCHCRFT “Uhmm” (Drugs Here, Balkan Vinyl, 2022)
Woody McBride “Dr J” (Communique, 1996)
Fracture & Sam Binga “Maps” (Omura, Astrophonica, 2022)
JEFF MILLS “Canis Major Overdensity” (The Universe: Galaxy 1, Axis, 2022)
Phonaut “Starmaps” (Skymaps, Motronic, 2021)