New music from BROKEN LIP, PHILLIP D KICK, TWO SHELL, VIOLET, NICK LEÓN + more on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + CHRIS WIDMAN. BILL begins with a mix of footwork, jungle + drum n’ bass. WIDMAN follows with a set of uptempo techno, garage + breakbeat, capped off with a few slow jams. [aired 23 February 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Bop “oK” (Not On Label, 2023)
Broken Lip “Roll Another One” (Iberian Juke, 2023)
DJ FLP “Alchemy” (Not On Label, 2023)
Hyas “Can’t Play” (99CTS RCRDS, 2022)
Submerse “Jazzy ’99” (Not On Label, 2020)
Samurai Breaks x Arcane “Run Da Scene” (Omertà Records, 2022)
Fracture ft Bluesy Gee “Buzzing Crew” (Astrophonica, 2022)
Tim Reaper & Dwarde w/ DJ Sofa “Couch Surfing” (Shall Not Fade, 2022)
Hooverian Blur “Techlash” (Sneaker Social Club, 2022)
Basic Rhythm & Sully “Apache (Let The Bass Go)” (Raw Basics, 2023)
Philip D Kick “Orbit” (Astrophonica, 2023)
Sun People “State Of Flux” (Defrostatica, 2022)
Denham Audio “Outer Glow” (Myor, 2023)
Nebula “Messages” (Subtle Audio, 2022)
Jamie xx “All Under One Roof Raving (Team GB Edit)” (Trax Haven, 2023)
Paradox “Detronic” (Sneaker Social Club, 2023)

Two Shell “♡here4u♡ ” (lil spirits, 2023)
Josh Wink “Mind’s Eye” (Drumcode, 2022)
AceMo “Afro Knights” (Unreleased Trax Volume 2, 2023)
Seven Davis Jr. “not a jerk i swear” (savedbythebell, Secret Angels, 2023)
Double Screen & Sharpson “U Found Me” (Choki Biki, 2023)
Benjamin Damage “Skywave” (Spectrum, Arts, 2023)
Violet “HARD” (HEART/BREAK HARD/CORE, Naive, 2023)
Toma Kami “Ritmo Actual” (Speed Oddity Vol. II, Man Band, 2023)
The Tuss “Last Rushup 10” (Rushup Edge, Rephlex, 2007)
96 Back “Tab Play” (Crass, Aus, 2023)
Monolake “allure Publison” (Archaeopteryx, Imbalance Computer Music, 2020)
DJ Ojo “Sprung Out” (Coiled Up, Blank Mind, 2023)
Nick León “Nerves” (esplit, Worldwide Unlimited, 2023)
DJ Plead “El Es” (Quick EP, Livity Sounds, 2022)
Model 500 “Electric Night” (Digital Solutions, Metroplex, 2015)