New music from A.FRUIT, JASON CODE, MANI FESTO, BATU, DAVIS GALVIN + more on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + CHRIS WIDMAN in the mix. Consider this podcast an addendum to the best of 2021, mostly focused on music released in late November + December of last year, along with overlooked tracks left on the cutting room floor. BILL keeps the first hour centered on 160 bpm sounds: footwork, jungle, drum n’ bass + hybrid in between. For the second hour, WIDMAN mixes techno followed by dubstep. [aired 20 January 2022 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Ivy Lab “Stacked” 20/20 LDN Recordings, 2021
A.Fruit “Incredible” YUKU, 2022
Oyubi & Fetus “Earnin It” Not On Label, 2022
WTCHCRFT “SHAKE IT” (Nikki Nair’s Shook Mix) Sorry Records, 2021
Jason Code “WACK!” Not On Label, 2022
DJ Hank “Want My” Not On Label, 2021
Jon1st “Cinnamon” Not On Label, 2012
Fracture “Biscotti” 1985 Music, 2021
Indigo “Underground” Choki Biki, 2021
Coco Bryce “Desire” Myor, 2021
Sun People “All Creation” Exit Records, 2021
HØST “Better With A 925” Not On Label, 2021
HomeSick “Carbob” (Sam Binga Remix) Defrostatica Records, 2021
Jlin “Connect The Dots” Planet Mu, 2021
Sherelle “Rhythm Love” (Feel It) Not On Label, 2021
Pugilist “Intentions” Not On Label, 2021
Proc Fiskal “The Most Beautiful Irish Song” Hyperdub, 2021

Israel Vines “Encroachment” (And Now We Know Nothing, Eye Teeth, 2021)
Tzusing & Hodge “LCD” (Cache 02, SVBKVLT, 2021)
Zachary Lubin “Vessel” (Omronicon, Modularz, 2021)
Planetary Assault Systems “One For The Groove” (Sky Scraping, Token 2021)
Scuba “Ruptured (Surgeon Remix)” (Hotflush, 2008)
Der Dritte Räum “Tiefsee” (Harthouse, 1995)
ASC “Flood Tide Rising (Directors Cut)” (The Space Cadets Files, 2021)
Beneath “Fourth Time” (Numbers Talk EP, Livity Sound, 2021)
Mani Festo “Rail Gun” (Higher, Flightpath, 2021)
Batu “I Own Your Energy” (Timedance, 2021)
DJG “Pressure” (Wheel & Deal, 2010)
Commodo “Procession” (Deep Medi, 2020)
Davis Galvin “Crust Shift” (Open, 2021)