New music from LMAJOR, BOP, HODGE, CYGNUS + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + CHRIS WIDMAN. BILL begins the program with a mix of new UK garage/2 step sounds. WIDMAN follows with a journey through techno, breakbeat, electro, grime, drum n bass + footwork, showcasing anniversary releases (LIVITY SOUND + CPU) + upcoming Chicago shows from past ABSCI guests COMPOSURESQUAD + PLEASE [aired 07 October 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

Walton “Unknown Territories” Ilian Tape, 2021
Bop “2gether” Hospital Records, 2021
Al Wootton “Sirzad” Not On Label, 2021
Kessler “Old Wives Tale” Shall Not Fade, 2021
Bakey “1002” Shall Not Fade, 2020
Yosh “Hold On” Lobster Theremin, 2021
LMajor “Spinnin” Astrophonica, 2021
El-B “Wake The Neighbours” Not On Label, 2020
Versa & Rowl “Soul” Deep Heads, 2021
Sobolik “Like Like” 3024, 2021
Mani Festo “Eraser” Sneaker Social Club, 2021
Stones Taro “Again” Cheeky Music Group, 2021
Omnitron “Esoteric Break Device” 3024, 2021
Alix Perez “Melodrama” (Sam Binga Remix) 1985, 2021
Para “The Realness” Not On Label, 2021

G36 “Sulfer” (Disintegration Dubs, Pressure, 2021)
Taahliah “Electronica Vividness” (BEAUTIFUL PRESENTS: BEAUTIFUL VOL 1, 2021)
Bok Bok “Charisma Theme” (Southside EP, Night Slugs, 2011)
Hodge “Do What You Need To Do” (Molten Mirrors – A Decade Of Livity Sound, 2021)
Overmono “BMW Track” (Poly Kicks, 2021)
Nullptr “First Light” (Lost Time, Distorted Sensory Perception, 2021)
Cygnus “CPU Records” (100% Dope, CPU, 2021)
Mantronix w/ MC Tee “Fresh is the word” (Sleeping Bag Records, 1985)
The Bug feat. Manga St. Hilare “High Rise” (Fire, Ninja Tune, 2021)
Krust “Negative Returns (Four Tet Remix)” (The Edge Of Everything – Remixed, Crosstown Rebels, 2021)
FSOL “Ill Flower (Machinedrum remix)” (Pseudogeddon, 2012)
LMajor “Can’t Do It” (Can’t Do It, Astrophonica, 2021)
Composuresquad “Mantra” (Auto D., Issa Party, 2021)
Please “Oneness” (Club Tools Vol. 1, Issa Party, 2020)
Heavee feat DJ Phil “Move Back” (WFM, Teklife, 2018)