CLAIRE ROUSEY, CHATEAU FLIGHT, ELKKA + OVERMONO + THE STREETS lead off the new music featured on this episode of ABSTRACT SCIENCE hosted by JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. JOSHUA leans into Balearic sounds to start, slowly upping the tempo to end on a peaktime 2-step, broken techno vibe. HENRY shifts into moody downbeat, trip hop, and ambient territory before moving into sunset house + discoid territory. [aired 2 May 2024 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Bubble Club “In Consequence of a Wish” (International Feel, 2012)
Coyote “Every Forest Has a Shadow (Vanity Project remix) (Natural Selections, 2024)
Flowered Up “Weekender” (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve re-animation) (A Life with Brian, Heavenly, 2024)
Glo Phase “Low Shine” (Early Moments, 100% Silk, 2021)
Chateau Flight “Allo?” (La Folie Studio, Versatile, 2024)
Space Dimension Controller “Kosmische Conga” (Acid Sampler, Running Back, 2024)
Bolis Pupul “Spicy Crab” (Letter to Yu, DeeWee, 2024)
K-LONE “Give It Up” (Catching Wild Pt 1 EP, Aus Music, 2024)
Four Tet “31 Bloom” (Three, Text, 2024)
Head High “Break Away” (Power House, 2023)
Overmono & The Streets “Turn the Page” (XL, 2024)
Peverlist “Pulse VII” (Pulse Modulation EP, Livity Sound, 2023)
Otik “Downcast” (Cloud Runner, 3024, 2024)

Glass Beams “Orb” (Mahal, Ninja Tune, 2024)
Vegyn feat. John Glacier “A Dream Goes On Forever” (The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions, PLZ Make It Ruins, 2024)
Lianne La Havas “Weird Fishes” (Lianne La Havas, Nonesuch, 2020)
Claire Rousay “III” (Sentiment, Thrill Jockey, 2024)
Capricorn “20HZ” (Andert Tysma Remix) (R&S, 2023)
Catching Flies “Mama’s Wisdom” (, 2016)
Elkka feat. John Carroll Kirby “Passionfruit” (Prism of Pleasure, Ninja Tune, 2024)
Eric Kupper feat. Keiko Yoshimura “In Your Arms” (Hysteria, 2012)
Nabihah Iqbal “Sky River” (Haider Uppal Remix) (DREAMER (Remixes), Ninja Tune, 2024)
M83 “Fantasy” (Kelbin Remix) (Mute, 2024)
ANOTR and Erik Brandt feat. Leven Kali “How You Feel” (No Art, 2024)