HERB ALPERT, DAEDELUSKOLSCH + THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA are the tip of the iceberg for this week’s podcast. Diving right in with a cut lifted from the new DAEDELUS album, MISTER JOSHUA gets off to a lively start. New music from PRINS THOMAS + ILLUM SPHERE follow ahead of a tempo drop that sees ambient sounds from THE ORB, synthy footwork from DJ EARL + a meditative close featuring the new single from THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA. HENRY SELF brings the tempo back up with a TUFF CITY KIDS rework of HERB ALPERT. Sticking in the moody leftfield dance vein, we also hear from UNDERWORLD, KOMPAKT favorite KOLSCH + Chicago legend CAJMERE. [aired 27 October 2016 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Daedelus "Special Re:Quest" — Labyrinths — Magical Properties
Olin "From Iceland" (Huerco S. remix 2) — Giegling
Low Motion Disco "Things are Gonna Get Easier" (Woolfy's Forgiveness mix) — Eskimo
Prins Thomas "I" — Principe Del Norte Remixed — Smalltown Supersound
Man Power "Tachyon" (DJ Tennis remix) — Me Me Me
Illum Sphere "Fall Into Water" — Glass — Ninja Tune
Gaika "Vsop" — Spaghetto EP — Warp
Kuedo "Hourglass" — Slow Knife — Knives
The Orb "4am Exhale (Chill Out, World)" — COW — Kompakt
Submerse "Trip" — Stay Home — Project: Mooncircle
DJ Earl "Let's Work" — Open Your Eyes — Teklife
Deft "Paris Falls" — Voight Kampff — Project: Mooncircle
Evenings "Goodbye Forever" — Yore — Friends of Friends
The Cinematic Orchestra "To Believe" — Ninja Tune

Herb Alpert "Rise" (Tuff City Kids Mix) - Rise Remix EP - Herb Alpert Presents
Underworld "If Rah" - Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future - Astralwerks
Adult Karate "Chased" - LXII - Plug Research
Fono "Feet on the Ground" (Ivy Lab Remix) - Insomniac/Interscope
Rrose "Emboli" - Summer Solstice Edition - Khemia
Rituals of Mine "To Show You Violence" - Devoted - Warner Bros.
Kölsch "Grey" - Speicher 93 - Kompakt Extra
Cajmere "Only 4 U" - Cajual
Andi Hanley "Dream" - Rong Promo Only #10 - Rong
Bobmo "I Want You" - New Dawn - Marble
Frankey & Sandrino "Hydrae" - Kompakt