DJ HELL, JLIN, BURIAL + MARCUS INTALEX (RIP) are just some of the high points of a marathon Abstract Science podcast takeover from MISTER JOSHUA. Filling in for the full two hours, MISTER JOSHUA opens with a trio of beatless selections, transitioning into a mini drum ‘n’ bass mix + tribute to the late MARCUS INTALEX. Midtempo cosmic sounds follow with an eventual spike in tempo that surfs through the techier side of recent house releases. Settling in on the back end of the pod, MISTER JOSHUA digs back into the digi-crates for a handful of ROOTS REWIND selections and their contemporary kindred spirits. [aired 01 june 2017 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Burial "Beachfires" — Hyperdub
Danny Wolfers "Fantasy of Dream I'll Take Any" — Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz — Nightwind
Autre "Seven Armed Drummer" — Air Texture Volume V (Juju & Jordash) — Air Texture
Photek "T'Raenon" — Applied Rhythmic Technology
Margari's Kid "Init 1" — Cosmic Bridge
dBridge "Inner Disbelief" — Exit
Calibre "Second Sun" — Signature
Marcus Intalex "Temperence" — Soul:r
Marcus Intalex "Virgo" — Dispatch
S.T. Cal "Red Light" — Soul:r
Coldcut x On-U Sound "Divide and Rule" (dub) (Lee Perry/Junior Reid) — Outside The Echo Chamber — Ahead of Our Time
Will Powers "Adventures in Success" — Dancing for Mental Health — Island
Project Pablo "It's Out There" — I Want to Believe — 1080p
DJ Hell "Car Car Car" — Zukunftsmusik — International DJ Gigolo
Kuniyuki "Touch" (A Mountain of One Peyote remix) — Mule Musiq
Kettenkarussell "Brueder" — Insecurity Guard — Giegling
Dauwd "Analogische Memories" — Theory of Colours — Technicolour
Jlin "Holy Child" — Black Origami — Planet Mu
Trevino "Indulge" — Apple Pips
Octo Octa "New Paths" — Argot
Actress "X22RME" — AZD — Ninja Tune
Johnny Jewel "Missing Pages" — Windswept — Italians Do It Better
Hidden Orchestra "Stone" — Dawn Chorus — Tru Thoughts
El Michels Affair "Shaolin Brew" — Return to the 37th Chamber — Big Crown
Lord Echo "Note from Home" — Harmonies — Soundway
The Duncan Brothers "Dreams" — Panama! 2 — Soundway
Alice Clark "Don't You Care" — Mainstream
Letta Mbulu "What's Wrong with Groovin'" — Jazzman