LUKE SLATER, EROL ALKAN, SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO + 2 BAD MICE round out the highlights from this edition of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE RADIO PODCAST with hosts JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. JOSHUA surveys his recent finds on the techier side, including the latest from SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO, then moves into throwback breaks and bassy downtempo with music from UK hardcore originators 2 BAD MICE + KELLY LEE OWENS. HENRY keeps the lush sounds coming everything from ST GERMAIN’s electronic salsa to soulful techno from LUKE SLATER + EROL ALKAN.  [aired 19 July 2018 on WLUW-88.7FM Chicago]


Jura Soundsystem "Jungle Ambient Tool" — Transmission One — Isle of Jura
Simian Mobile Disco "We Go" — Murmurations — Wichita 
Quentin "Mirage" — Hivern Discs 
Daniel Avery "Quick Eternity" (Four Tet remix) — Phantasy
Benjamin Damage "Shimmer" — Obsidian — 50Weapons 
Martyn "Manchester" — Voids — Osgut Ton
Fadi Mohem "Endless" — Modeselektion Vol. 4 — Monkeytown 
Sandoz "Morning Star" (Dubmix) — Lena Willikens: Selectors 5 — Dekmantel
2 Bad Mice "Gone Too Soon" (Sully remix) — Sneaker Social Club 
Lewis James "Praying Out Loud" (Om Unit remix) — Laundry Zero
Kelly Lee Owens "More Than a Woman" — Smalltown Supersound 
Gorillaz "Humility" (DJ Koze remix) — The Now Now — Parlophone 
Yussef Dayes & Alfa Mist "Love is the Message" — Cashmere Thoughts 
Uniting the Opposites — Ancient Lights — Ancient Lights — Tru Thoughts

Les Negresses Vertes "Face A La Mer" (Massive Attack Remix) - 10 Remixes (87-93) - Delabel
St Germain "Soul Salsa Soul" - From Detroit to St Germain - F Communications
Kirlian "Miraculix Interplanetary Airport" - Die Fertigen E.P. - Rancho Relaxo
Instra:Mental - "Voyeur" - Disfigured Dubz
Little Computer People "Little Computer People" (Anthony Rother Remix) - This Is Electro (Works 1997-2005) - Datapunk
Luke Slater "Body Freefall, Electronic Inform" (Counterplan Mix) - NovaMute
Ghost Cauldron "Vortex - Disco" (Up Mix) - Bozak - Studio !K7
Erol Alkan "Sub Conscious" (Tin Man Remix) - Phantasy Sound
Jeremy Greenspan & Borys "God Told Me To" - Jiaolong
CRi feat. Jesse Mac Cormack "Keep It Real" - Young Art

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