New music from LINDSTRÖM, SLOWDIVE, DANIEL VILLARREAL, BARKER, LUSINE + more on the latest extended Abstract Science podcast (combining episodes 1273 + 1280), hosted by Joshua P Ferguson + Henry Self. JOSHUA begins with a mix of house, disco, techno + balearic sounds for the first hour. HENRY takes over the second hour with psych-rock, downtempo, orchestral synths, finishing with a bit of house + one of the greatest cuts from DJ DEEON (RIP). JOSHUA returns with bass + breakbeats, before dropping into jazz + funk for the third hour. HENRY closes out with an eclectic mix which extends the vibe of the preceding 3 hours, like it was a b2b JOSHUA/HENRY set. [aired 27 July & 07 September 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Moodymann “If I Gave U My Love” (Sinner, KDJ, 2019)
6th Borough Project “Planets” (Revenge Lost Groove) (Instruments of Rapture, 2009)
Supershy “Feel Like Makin’ Love” (Beyond the Groove, 2023)
Barry Can’t Swim “Sunsleeper” (Ninja Tune, 2023)
Peggy Gou “I Go” (DJ Koze remix) (Gudu, 2022)
Eternal Love “Flotamos” (Altar EP, Planet Trip, 2022)
Roman Flugel “Lucky Charm” (Running Back, 2023)
Lindstrom “Syreen” (Everyone Else is a Stranger, Smalltown Supersound, 2023)
Roisin Murphy “The Universe” (Hit Parade, Ninja Tune, 2023)
Tycho “Time to Run” (Ninja Tune, 2023)
LP Giobbi “All in a Dream” (Light Places, Counter, 2023)
DJ Koze “Wespennest” (Pampa, 2023)
DJ Panthr “My World” (Jade District, 100% Silk, 2023)
Olof Dreijer “Rosa Rugosa” (Hessle Audio, 2023)

>HENRY SELF – as1273
Little Dragon feat. Damon Albarn “Glow” (Slugs of Love, Ninja Tune, 2023)
K-LONE feat. Eliza Rose “With U” (Swells, Wisdom Teeth, 2023)
Clark “Dismissive” (Sus Dog, Throttle, 2023)
Slowdive “Skin in the Game” (Everything Is Alive, Dead Oceans, 2023)
The Stone Roses “Waterfall” (Justin Robertson’s Mix) (The Remixes, Silvertone, 2000)
Julie Byrne “Summer’s End” (The Greater Wings, Ghostly International, 2023)
James Holden “Trust Your Feet” (Imagine This Is a High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities, Border Community, 2023)
Neptune Towers “To Cold Void Desolation” (Transmissions From Empire Algol, Moonfog Productions, 1995)
Black Coffee “The Rapture Pt III” (Keinemusik, 2023)
Jamie Jones & Alan Fitzpatrick “Sundancing” (Hot Creations, 2020)
DJ Deeon “2 B Free” (Deeon Doez Disko!, Dance Mania, 1996)

Slowdive “Chained to a Cloud” (Everything Is Alive, Dead Oceans, 2023)
Apiento “The Us Frequency” (Escape Reality, LIXTP, 2023)
Nick Leon “Love Potion” (Esplit EP, Worldwide Unlimited, 2023)
Nosaj Thing & Jacques Greene “Too Close” (LuckyMe, 2023)
Peverelist “Pulse I” (Pulse EP, Livity Sound, 2023)
Gold Panda “Plastic Future” (Skee Mask remix) (City Slang, 2023)
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom “In My Body” (Adrian Sherwood dub) (Reset in Dub, Domino, 2023)
Mioclono “Myoclonic Sequences” (Cluster I, Hivern Discs, 2023)
Low End Activist “Gossip is the Devil’s Radio” (Gossip is the Devil’s Radio, ESP Institute, 2023)
Hidden Orchestra “Scatter” (To Dream is to Forget, Lone Figures, 2023)
Daniel Villarreal “Sunset Cliffs” (Lados B, International Anthem, 2023)
Mike Reed “Your Soul” (The Separatist Party, We Jazz/Astral Spirits, 2023)
The Gaslamp Killer & The Heliocentrics “Witches Whisper” (Legna, Cuss, 2023)

>HENRY SELF – as1280
Alan Dixon “Night Time Melodies” (Piano Reprise) (Love Attack, 2021)
Hidden Orchestra “Skylarks” (To Dream Is to Forget, Lone Figures, 2023)
Black Coffee “The Rapture Pt III” (Keinemusik, 2023)
Gaika feat. The Narrator “First Among Misfits” (Drift, Big Dada, 2023)
Arsenal “One Day at a Time” (Joakim Dub) (Play Out!, 2012)
A Bossa Elétrica “Sob A Luz Do Sol” (Glücklich VI, Compost, 2023)
Barker “Wick and Wax” (Unfixed, Smalltown Supersound, 2023)
Sasha/Emerson “Scorchio” (Emerson’s Late Nite Dub) (Deconstruction, 2000)
Lusine feat. Sarah Jaffe “Zero to Sixty” (Long Light, Ghostly International, 2023)
George Clanton feat. Hatchie “For You, I Will” (Ooh Rap I Ya, 100% Electronica, 2023)