ROSS FROM FRIENDS, HELENA HAUFF, ITAL TEK + ROISIN MURPHY top a dance floor-ready edition of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast with hosts JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. Leading off the podcast, JOSHUA gets in ambient bass sounds from ITAL TEK + LEON VYNEHALL on his way to an otherwise four-on-the-floor set featuring new music from ROSS FROM FRIENDS + MARTYN. HENRY doesn’t shy away from the club-ready sounds himself, featuring the new single from ROISIN MURPHY alongside BICEP, GORILLAZ + a dreamy, synth set closer from HELENA HAUFF.  [aired 5 july 2018 on WLUW 88.7fm-Chicago]

Ital Tek "Blood Rain" — Bodied — Planet Mu
Leon Vynehall "Trouble Parts I, II, & III (Chapter V) — Nothing is Still — Ninja Tune
Edmondson "PSG" — Me Me Me
Vyvyan "Wu Me Seh" (Christophe remix) — Me Me Me 
Ross from Friends "Project Cybersyn" — Family Portrait — Brainfeeder
Prime Minister of Doom "Tribal Days Part III" — Mudshadow Propaganda —  Planet Uterus
Dr. Rhythm "Untitled" — Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin
Martyn "Voids Two" — Voids —Ostgut Ton
Skee Mask "50 Euro to Break Boost" — Compro — Ilian Tape
Jon Hopkins "Feel First Life" — Singularity — Domino
Deadbeat "Laeticia" — Wax Poetic for this Our Great Resolve — BLKRTZ 
Arp "Folding Water" — ZEBRA — Mexican Summer 

Róisín Murphy "Play Thing" - The Vinyl Factory
808 State "In Yer Face" (Bicep Remix) - Feel My Bicep
Bicep "The Final Trip" - Feel My Bicep
Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May "Immortal Lover" - In My Last Life - Anjunabeats
Sobriquet "Broken Angels" - July - Ground Under Productions
Projekt: PM "When the Voices Come" - Hi-Fidelity House Imprint One - Guidance
Big Audio Dynamite II "When the Time Comes" - The Globe - Columbia
Gorillaz feat. George Benson "Humility" - The Now Now - Parlophone
Zazu "Captain Starlight" (Englische Original-Aufnahme) - Hansa
Maribou State feat. Khraungbin "Feel Good" - Kingdoms In Colour - Counter
Jack Cutter feat. David Harks "Serpent Strut" (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Mix) - Ten Year Anniversary 2007–2017 - Claremont 56
Helena Hauff "No Qualms" - Qualms - Ninja Tune

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