DJRUM, MAKAYA MCCRAVEN, NEW ORDER + ALBERTO BALSALM are the featured sounds on the latest edition of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast with JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. For the front 60, JOSHUA explores funky time signatures and polyrhythmic productions with selections from bass artist DJRUM, STONE’S THROW newcomer REJOICER + Chicago jazz highlight MAKAYA MCCRAVEN. On the back 60, HENRY goes in for a bit of a concept mix splicing shoegaze, new wave and dream pop from the likes of NEW ORDER, GALAXIE 500 + CHROMATICS with a varied selection of artists covering APHEX TWIN’s classic “ALBERTO BALSALM” — ranging from Cinci steel bands to Nordic psych rock. [aired 30 August 2018 on WLUW-88.7FM Chicago]

Ross from Friends "Back into Space" — Family Portrait — Brainfeeder 
Djrum "V" — Portrait with Firewood — R&S 
Khalab "Yaka Muziek" — Black Noise 2084 — On the Corner
Clap! Clap! — "Sahkii's Knowledge" — Tayi Bebba — Black Acre 
Foamek "Marshside" — Radar Ruins — Youngbloods
X-Altera "Entry" — X-Altera — Ghostly International
Rejoicer "Neo Drive Knows You" — Energy Dreams — Stone's Throw 
Caribou "Silver" — Our Love — Merge
Brandon Coleman "Giant Feelings" — Resistance — Brainfeeder 
Makaya McCraven "Ox Tales" — Where We Come From: Chicago x London Mixtape — International Anthem
LCD Soundsystem "Oh Baby" (Lovefingers remix) — DFA
Sordid Sound System "Sojourn" — Lost Transmissions from the Off-World Territories — Invisible Inc

CCM Steel Band arr. Ben Wallace "Alberto Balsalm" (live at University of Cincinnati)
Galaxie 500 "Ceremony" - Blue Thunder - Rough Trade
Andrew Flanders "Alberto Balsalm" -
Day Wave "Ceremony" - Fat Possum
Dungen "Alberto Balsalm" - Lagniappe Sessions Vol. 1 - Light in the Attic
New Order "Ceremony" - NOMC15 - Mute
Taylor Haskins "Alberto Balsalm" - Recombination - Nineteen Eight
Chromatics feat. Ida No "Ceremony" - Cherry - Italians Do It Better 
Alex Baboian "Alberto Balsalm" - Curiosity - Alex Baboian
Radiohead "Ceremony" - Thumbs Down
Robert Mitchell 3io "Alberto Balsalm" - The Embrace - Kudos
Joy Division/New Order "Ceremony" - Factory Records: Communications 1978-92 - Factory
Reid Willis "Alberto Balsalm" - Covers -