makaya mccraven

absci radio 1128 – joshua p ferguson + luke stokes

New music from MAKAYA MCCRAVEN, JAGA JAZZIST, THE BUDOS BAND + BRONSON on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by JOSHUA P FERGUSON + LUKE STOKES. JOSHUA begins with a 2020 invocation of 70s spiritual jazz + continues the first hour with psychedelic, cosmic + jazz-wise grooves. For the second hour, LUKE follows with downtempo, braindance,…

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best of 2018 – absci radio [as1066–1067]

BEST OF 2018, featuring BRUCE, DERU, DJRUM, DOS SANTOS, MAKAYA MCCRAVEN, STEFFI, SKEE MASK, STEVE HAUSCHILDT, TIM HECKER, X-ALTERA + many more, on this extended year-in-review ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast. co-hosts CHRIS WIDMAN, JOSHUA P FERGUSON, HENRY SELF + LUKE STOKES mix 4 diverse hours of future music favorites from 2018. [aired 6 + 13 december…

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absci radio [as1052] — joshua p ferguson + henry self — alberto balsalm ceremony

DJRUM, MAKAYA MCCRAVEN, NEW ORDER + ALBERTO BALSALM are the featured sounds on the latest edition of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast with JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. For the front 60, JOSHUA explores funky time signatures and polyrhythmic productions with selections from bass artist DJRUM, STONE’S THROW newcomer REJOICER + Chicago jazz highlight MAKAYA…

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