DUSKY, DJ SHADOW, SEREBI, LOUIS CARNELL x LEE RANALDO + LORAINE JAMES lead off new music for this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE pod with JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. JOSHUA takes us through a mix of left-leaning house drawing on deep, Italo + bassy influences, ending on an improvisational forward jazz note. HENRY picks up the second half of the show, easing into things with low-slung synth-flavored sections and picking things up in the latter half with throwback, classic house sounds. [aired 2 November 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

DJ Shadow “Time and Space” (Action Adventure, Mass Appeal, 2023)
Chloe Caillet “Moonwalk” (Secret Weapons 15, Innervisions, 2023)
Pearson Sound “Everything is Inside Out” (Alien Mode EP, Hessle Audio, 2020)
Harald Grosskopf & Tyler Ov Gaia “Aurelac” (Dream Theory, Permanent Vacation, 2023)
Darwin Chamber “Love’s the Meditation” (DJ Spun mix) (Rong Music, 2023)
Hiver “Dream Universe” (Gudu, 2023)
Nite Fleit “Like I Used to Be” (Day Fleit/Nite Fleit, Steel City Dance Discs, 2022)
Sofia Kourtesis “How Music Makes You Feel Better” (Madres, Ninja Tune, 2023)
Call Super “Sapling” (Eulo Cramps, Can You Feel the Sun, 2023)
Loraine James “I DM U” (Gentle Confrontation, Hyperdub, 2023)
Yussef Dayes “Turquoise Galaxy” (Black Classical Music, Brownswood, 2023)
Irreversible Entanglements “root <=> branch” (Protect Your Light, Impulse, 2023)
Mount Kimbie & Liv.e “a deities encore” (MK 3.5: Die Cuts, Warp, 2022)

Credit 00 “Ost Block” (Super Scratch EP, FM, 2020)
Gesaffelstein “Destinations” (Aleph, Bromance, 2013)
Volkan Akaalp “Dawn of Gehenna” (Vercetti Technicolor Mix) (Baskin Original Soundtrack, Giallo Disco, 2014)
Brassica “Ballo Dei Morti” (Man Is Deaf, Civil, 2014)
Louis Carnell X Lee Ranaldo “two” (111, Mute, 2023)
Lesiman “Moto Centripeto” (Here and Now Vol. 1, Vedette, 1973)
Allah-Las “Zuma 85” (Zuma 85, Innovative Leisure, 2023)
Serebii “Really You” (Inside, Innovative Leisure, 2023)
Love Remain “Flourish” (Black Butter, 2023)
Dusky “Hawthorn” (Life Signs Vol. 3, Running Back, 2023)
Mr. & Mrs. Dale “It’s You” (New York – London Mix) (Bigshot, 1989)
Anna Gram “Mind Control” (Cut Through the Noise, Correspondant, 2023)
Vhyce “Young Narratives” (Correspondant, 2023)