ANTENNA HAPPY exclusive DJ mix + eclectic selections that include THE ORB, DJ KOZE + HERBERT on this week’s show. Brighton-based tech-house producer and DJ talent Nathan Pope a.k.a. ANTENNA HAPPY drops an exclusive mix of his signature dubby, deep and techy sounds for the second half of this session. The mix features his own productions and cuts from CARL CRAIG, X-PRESS 2 + THE ACID. For more on ANTENNA HAPPY, check out our exclusive Q&A, which we just published. Starting the show, MR JOSHUA keeps the tempo mellow with a handful of boom-bap-style tracks including young gun NICK LEON, London soulster REGINALD OMAS MAMODE IV + veterans DJ KOZE and THE ORB. Upping the tempo, the show moves into a orchestral interpretation of a HENRIK SCHWARZ classic before featuring new music from Amsterdam’s HUNEE and a mellow one from HERBERT. [originally aired 09 july 2015 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

>> Mister Joshua
Inhmost "Gravity" 
     — Dragbacks on Dockweiler State Beach — Greta Cottage Woodpile
Nick Leon "Dogs" — Inorganic — Space Tapes
The Orb "Moonbuilding 2703 AD" — Moonbuilding 2703 AD — Kompakt
Reginald Omas Mamode IV "Rare Love" 
     — Sounds of the Universe  — Soul Jazz
DJ Koze "I haven't Been Everywhere But It's On My List" — DJ-Kicks — !k7
Henrik Schwarz + Tokyo Secret Orchestra "Leave My Head Alone Brain Seven" 
     — Instruments — Sony Classical
Henrik Schwarz "Leave My Head Alone Brain" (Demo) — Sunday Music
Hunee "Crossroads" — Hunch Music — Rush Hour
Throwing Snow "Clasp" — Houndstooth
Koreless "4D" — Pictures
Herbert "Silence" — The Shakes — Accidental
Marbert Rocel "Purple Bass" — Speed Emotions — Compost
Jose Padilla "Aixo Es Miel" — So Many Colours — International Feel

>> Antenna Happy
Antenna Happy - Day Four (Edit)	[Reinhardt]	
The Acid - Ra (Weval Remix) [Infectious]
Marc DePulse - Imagine (Original Mix) [Einmusika]
Antenna Happy - Body (Original Mix) [Reinhardt]		
Skinnerbox - Trimorph (Original Mix) [My Favorite Robot]
X-Press 2 and Mutiny - Sintara (Original Mix) [Skint]
Karim Sahraoui - Stella (Original Mix) [Transmat]
Carl Craig - Science Fiction (Original Mix) [Planet E Communications]
Chromezone - Colonial Outpost (Original Mix) [Wolfskuil]
Paperclip People - Clear & Present (Original Mix) [Planet E Communications]

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