ULTRADEMON guest mix + new music from DORIAN CONCEPT, LUSINE + LURKA are featured on this week’s program. WIDMAN begins with some expressive new material from DORIAN CONCEPT + absci favorites MARTYN + LUSINE, before moving into a set of bass music (gone house), mostly from the UK–a mix actually recorded live at SMART BAR CHICAGO. the first hour rounds out with a mini-set of recent abstract hip hop beats. the second hour features an in-studio guest mix from chicago producer/dj ULTRADEMON, who’s best know for pioneering the SEAPUNK genre/movement–a move he characterizes as “good advertising”–known as much for hyperkinetic music–mix of acid, footwork, jungle/hardcore, IDM and house sounds–as hyperbolic retro-technological punk fashion and graphics. while he’s toned down the image a bit, the music is still refreshingly weird on his second LP, “voidic charms”. ULTRADEMON’s mix begins in footwork/jungle territory, sliding into house tempo about half-way through.

Dorian Concept "Draft Culture" - Joined Ends - Ninja Tune
Martyn "Love of Pleasure" - The Air Between Words - Ninja Tune
Lusine "Arterial" - Arterial - Ghostly Int'l
Illum Sphere "Sleep Runner (Zed Bias rmx)" - Ninja Tune
Lurka "Nah So" - Black Acre
Moire-"bboy 202" - Werk Discs
Gissi "Talkss" - Basserks
DVA "Natty" - Hyperdub
Lockah "Ayyo Tricknology" - Donkey Pitch
Tuff Sherm "Beat Numeral (Cassius Select Remix)" - Plastic World
Pinch & Mumdance "Whiplash" - Tectonic
Lone "2 is 8" - Reality Testing - R&S
Throwing Snow "Avarice" - Mosiac - Houndstooth
Shabazz Palaces "Ishmael" - Lese Majesty - Sub Pop
Taylor McFerrin "Postpartum" - Early Riser - Brainfeeder
Muyei Power "Be Patient" - Sierra Leone in 1970s USA

ULTRADEMON - dj set live @ wluw
(no tracklisting, so you'll have to bug him for music IDs)
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