JUSTIN REED guest mix + new music from CLARK, LAKKER + ROBERT HOOD are featured selections for this week’s program. the howling wolves of BEN FROST kick off WIDMAN’s set, an intro to menacing techno from LAKKER + BRITISH MURDER BOYS, before settling into a detroit techno + chicago house groove. the first hour wraps up with ROY AYERS’ much sampled “running away”. for the second hour, special guest dj JUSTIN REED provides a mix of proper detroit + new york influenced electro cuts, including several unreleased tracks from chicago producer BRAD MINER, who passed away december 2013. REED formed the ILLMEASURES with school-mates MINOR + BEN STROH aka STRIZ (both have appeared on ABSTRACT SCIENCE before), continuing the chicago warehouse party spirit into the 2000s with loft parties on lake st. + hosting diverse club nights across the city. REED and co. teamed up with like minded individuals to form the FREAKEASY collective, which over the past few years has transformed from legendary after-hours speakeasy to regular all-building, all-night events at METRO/SMARTBAR. REED has also helped bridge the gap between classical music + the electronic music world, organizing pre- and post-concert DJ sets for the CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA’s MusicNOW new music series at the harris theatre + POST events at the symphony center following the CSO’s “beyond the score” series. [aired 30 october 2014]

Ben Frost "The Carpathian" - By The Throat - Bedroom Community
Lakker "Mountain Divide" - R&S
British Murder Boys "Splinter" - BMB
Robert Hood "Analog Track (Ghost)" - Protein Valve - M-Plant
Ikonika "Strawberry Underlay" - Position - Hyperdub
Paul Woolford "5m30" - Universal Quantifier - Halocyan
Huxley "Callin" - The Machine - Aus
Rushmore "Dance Show" - Hotshit
Nathan Surreal "Binary Omania (Eversines Remix)" - Binary Omania - KMS
Clark "Unfurla" - Clark - Warp
FaltyDL "Some Jazz Shit" - In the Wild - Ninja Tune
The Black Madonna "Stay"- Night Owl Diner
Roy Ayers "Running Away" - Lifeline -Polydor

AS1 - The Republic Of
Drexciya - You Don't Know
Soul Of Man - Acid Punch (Original Mix)
Boddika - Underground
a.w.e.s.o.m.-o - Excellence Of Execution
Aux 88 - Lock Groove
Brad Miner - Track 05 (unreleased electro)
Replicante - Norman Estado Adverso
I-F - Playstation #2
Raffertie - Twitch (It Grows & Grows)
Tipper - Deez Bass Lessen - LOOPS at end!
Drexciya - Wavejumper
Cybotron - El Salvador
Djedjotronic - LSD
Claude VonStroke - Big n' Round (Extended DJ Version)
Mr. Oizo - Flat 55 LOOOP ME
Jimmy Edgar - Warm Play Look Away
radioactive man-addict (original mix)
Para One - Para One - Sigmund (Bootleg)
Drexciya - Bubble Chamber
Brad Miner - Singre
Ectomorph - Malfunction
Computron - I'm Complete

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