BEN FROST, ADDISON GROOVE, TYCHO, TODD OSBORN + SBTRKT are featured new music selections for this week’s program. WIDMAN begins with the refreshingly beat-driven teaser from FROST’s forthcoming LP, following with a few more on the 70/140 bpm axis before diving into a set of next wave drum n bass and low-end heavy jams, wrapping up with the latest from Tycho. MISTER JOSHUA continues with abstract beats, including chicago’s own DIFFERENT SLEEP, moving into languid bleepy techno and finally back into bass music. [aired 20 march 2014]

Neil Young "Organ Solo/Do you know how to use this weapon" 
    - Dead Man OST
Ben Frost "Venter" - Mute
Compa "Earth's Orbit" - Boka
Todd Osborn "752am" - Michigan Dream - Blueberry
Archie Pelago "Neighborhood Mephisto" - Lakeside Obelisk                   
Boxcutter featuring Ken & Ryu "Dream Gator (Drums Mix)" - Gnosis EP - Cosmic Bridge             
Addison Goove "167 Blast" - presents Jamie Grieve - 50 Weapons                   
Chimpo feat. Dub Phizix  + Skeptical  "Buzzin"  - Soul:r                                  
Plug "Drum N Bass for Papa" - Blue Angel                               
DJ Mastercard  "Jihad" - Escape from Chicago Vol. 2 - Loose Squares
Cid Rim "Animus:Anima" - Mute City - LuckyMe
Ital Tek "Re Entry" - Hyper Real - Planet Mu
Mast "The Great Wave" - Omni - Alpha Pup
Clap! Clap! feat DJ Khalab "Elon Mentana" - Tambacounda - Black Acre
Tycho "Dye" - Awake - Ghostly Intl
Neil Young "Guitar Solo No. 2" - Dead Man OST

Arcade Fire "Morning Talk/Supersymmetry" — Her OST
Valentin Stip "Regards sur l'Enfance (I et II) — Sigh — Other People
Lexx "A Place in the Haze" — Moon Rock I — Throne of Blood
Different Sleep "Cold" — Conflict EP — Friends of Friends
Roman Fluegel "Song with Blue" — Fatty Folders EP — Dial
David August "Epikur" — Epikur EP — Innervisions
Vermont "Ubersprung" — Vermont — Kompakt
SBTRKT "Hold the Line" — Transitions — Young Turks
Thomas White "Au Ciel" — Ariose EP — Paradisiaca 
Monokle "Holt Found" — Saints — Ki Records
Teebs "SOTM" — ESTARA — Brainfeeder
DJG "Hydrate" — Warm Communications
Eskmo "Lifeline" — Language EP — Ancestor
Museum of Love "Monotronic" (Secret Circuit remix) — DFA

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