JASON CODE guest mix + new music from HOOVERIAN BLUR, STONES TARO, + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B. Nashville-based DJ/producer + Terminal 8 party curator JASON CODE kicks off the program with a guest mix of bass-heavy club, house, techno, UK garage + breakbeat. BILL follows with a mix of overlapping styles, but shifted toward the garage + breaks end of the continuum. [aired 07 April 2022 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Caldera “HK” Noodern, 2022
Kaval “Firing Devices” Club Djembe, 2021
Roska “Perception” Roska Kicks & Snares, 2018
Chuck Daniels “Traffic” Marble Wax2Max, 2020
Shadow Child “4U” Shall Not Fade, 2021
NKC “Blocked” Even The Strong, 2017
DJ Bboy “P-3” Not On Label, 2022
D. Strange “Smoke” LO·TEK·NO COMM., 2019
Picard Brothers “Dead Good” Nervous Records, 2022
Interplanetary Criminal & DJ Cosworth “Alright” (97′ Get Down Mix) Not On Label, 2022
Breaka “Descending” Breaka Recordings, 2022
Young Muscle “Pink Narcissus” Not On Label, 2021
Secret Menu “Charisma” Not On Label, 2022
DJ Delish “Kat Kanué” Not On Label, 2021
Devoye “Deletion Mutation” (Senses) Not On Label, 2022
Sirr TMo Sama “Low End Saga” Fade to Mind, 2022
Introspekt “Witchez” Gimme A Break, 2022
joejoemojo “Bootious Maximus” Bumpcast Recordings, 2021
Sister Zo “Screw Cheek” Scuffed Recordings, 2022
Mata Disk “Rez” Nous’klaer Audio, 2022
Dylan Forbes “Ride Da Flange” Haŵs, 2022

Hooverian Blur “Sirens” Sneaker Social Club, 2022
Walton “Cold Winter” Not On Label, 2021
Mani Festo “Close Proximity” Sneaker Social Club, 2021
Bakey “Scope Out” Not On Label, 2021
Stones Taro “Watching You” Time Is Now, 2022
Sam Binga & Redders “Natural Mission” (Bakey Remix) Pineapple, 2022
Para “The Message” Not On Label, 2022
Sempra “Nobody” Not On Label, 2022
Al Wootton “Sancode” Livity Sound, 2021
Fiesta Soundsystem “Ghyr Habitat” Time Is Now, 2020
Nikki Nair “Way of the Void” Cheeky Music Group, 2022
Closet Yi “Pikes Pique” (Down Hill) Silk Road Sounds, 2021
Jossy Mitsu “Turismo” Astral Black, 2021
Total Science “Universe 92” Metalheadz, 2001
Pugilist & Tamen “Resolute” Not On Label, 2022