DROP BASS NETWORK retrospective mix + new music from SCORN, JK FLESH + AIR MAX ’97 on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF. WIDMAN begins with downtempo beats, drawing on shoegaze, distorted drone + IDM, followed by left-field drum ‘n bass in a similar vein. For the second hour, HENRY compiled + WIDMAN mixed a DROP BASS NETWORK retrospective set ahead of their resurrected EVEN FURTHER rave (8/8-8/12) + first-time digital release of the label’s archives on BANDCAMP. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin founded label + rave promoters are midwest legends + had a big influence on the young ABSTRACT SCIENCE crew. [aired 01 august 2019 on WLUW 88.7fm Chicago]

Konx-om-Pax “The Paleontologist” (Ways Of Seeing, Planet Mu, 2019)
Timothy Clerkin “Primary Function” (Unborn, Ranson Note, 2019)
Black Lodge “Mo Wax 5” (MWR157, Arcola, 2019)
Romare “L.U.V.” (Love Songs: Part Two, Ninjatune, 2016)
JK Flesh “Rub Me Out” (In Your Pit E.P, Pressure, 2019)
Scorn “Feather” (Feather, Ohm Resistance, 2019)
Synkro + Arovane “Transmission” (Synkro Musik, 2019)
Ganz Feld “Reprogrammed” (Urania, Dream Catalogue, 2018)
Slikback “Tomo” (Tomo, Hakuna Kulala, 2019) 
YAK “Rhodes Island” (3024-FYE2, 2018)
Pessimist “The Woods” (Samurai Music, 2015)
Air Max '97 featuring LOFT “Xhrinicibles” (Decisions, 2019)
James Ginzburg “above Water, inside” (six correlations, subtext, 2018) 

DBN002 - Woody McBride "DBN Station I.D." - Amplification 94 - Drop Bass Network
DBN003 - Woody McBride "Love Comes In Small Doses Sometimes" ‎– Bad Acid No Such Thing - Drop Bass Network
DBN014 - Freddie Fresh "B.L.A.M." ‎- Gnarl E.P. - Drop Bass Network
DBN043 - Somatic Responses "Vendetta" ‎– Sub Space Distorters - Drop Bass Network
DBN026 - Slide "Aliens" (Yanu & Haskin Mix) - Midwest Hardcorps 2 - Drop Bass Network
DBN033 - Lausen "Dry Ray" ‎- Anti Static E.P. - Drop Bass Network
DBN032 - Goio "Strike" - Commands E.P. - Drop Bass Network
DBN061 - Michael Wenz "Gator Lodge" ‎- Decline of Midwestern Civilization - Drop Bass Network
DBN017 - DJ Hyperactive "Kala Ulu" ‎- Don't Fuck With Chicago - Drop Bass Network
DBN007 - Unknown "‎Skinny" - Drop Bass Network

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