MAX HOLIDAY + MS 115 (CLOSE UP OF THE SERENE) guest mix + new music from LONE, LETHERETTE + SECOND STOREY are featured on this week’s podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins with the latest ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER–channeling TANGERINE DREAM–followed by a short set of house music to form the first bookend a guest DJ set, mixed by MAX HOLIDAY + MS 115 of CLOSE UP OF THE SERENE. Milwaukee’s CLOSE UP OF THE SERENE is a label and promo outfit dedicated to building forward-looking club culture (check out the MIXMAG feature from this summer). Their diverse guest mix (and label) brings together UK post-dubstep club sounds, classic electro, hardcore IDM + techno with midwest attitude. WIDMAN follows with another short bookend mix of uptempo bass music to close out the program. [aired 31 august 2017 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Oneohtrix Point Never “The Acid Hits” (Good Time OST, Warp, 2017)
Gabrielle “Forget About the World (Daft Punk Remix)” (Go! Beat, 1996)
Fells Point “Got Me Flying” (Night Games EP, Royal Oak, 2017)
Letherette “Feel It” (EP 4, Wulf, 2017)
Lone “Looking Glass” (Ambivert Tools, Vol. 2, R&S Records, 2017)
Kuniyuki “Acid Air” (Acid Japan, Optimo Trax, 2017)

Assel - Fitness Talk
Lord Of The Isles - Beatha
Metamatics - Clear The Floor
Reedale Rise - Lorelei 
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Dolphinicity
Jock Club - Taxi Time
DJ Stingray - Null Physics (Alex Cortex Remix)
Jasmine Infiniti - Kno
Liquid City Motors - Labor Economics 
Titonton - Skin On Skin
Acronym - Purity
Twoman - Fastlights 
Elysium Alps - Creek
DJ Sports - Fertile Crescent 
Carl Finlow - Rnd
UVB - Ego
Liquid City Motors - Vacuum
DJ Sinceer - Rejuvenation
Ariel Zetina - Keep Off The Grass (DJ Main Remix)
Elysium Alps - Languid

Kutmah “Scorch 4 The Phoenix (feat. Ta'Raach & DJ Chris P Cuts)" (TROBBB!, Big Dada, 2017)
Siriusmo “Geilomant” (Monkeytown, 2017)
Sam Binga & Danny Scrilla “Further Peaks” (Weird in Munich, Cosmic Bridge, 2017)
Jana Rush “CPU” (Pariah, Objects Limited, 2017)
Jlin "Hatshepsut" (Black Origami, Planet Mu, 2017)
Jana Rush "Rapid Fire" (Pariah, Objects Limited, 2017)
Second Storey "Manhattan To Moscow" (Lucid Locations, Houndstooth Recordings, 2017)
Detboi "Claws" (Secrets, Metalheadz, 2017)

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