absci radio [as1014]

JUSTIN CUDMORE, SCHWEFELGELB, JOHANNES ALBERT + VATICAN SHADOW are featured music selections on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF. WIDMAN begins with a slow-building all vinyl mix of house + techno, with tracks sourced from chicago’s greatest dance music store GRAMAPHONE RECORDS. HENRY extends the dancefloor energy into the…

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There’s something inherent in machine music that instinctively connects to the otherworldly qualities of the cosmos. Since techno’s birth, its bond to science fiction has never weakened, and even for Chicago duo Innerspace Halflife, who draw as much from Chicago’s dance music roots as the Motor City’s, the pull of some distant space has ensnared…

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new music: supreme cuts “envision”

SUPREME CUTS‘ Mike Perry and Austin Keultjes don’t come off as artists terribly concerned about popular thought regarding their music. Critics are divided in their opinion of  the Chicago duo and its airy urban sound, but neither of them seems to care. In that way, SUPREME CUTS’ output has always come off as deeply personal. Interviews surrounding the release…

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