BEST OF 2023, featuring ANDREA, HUDSON MOHAWKE + NIKKI NAIR, JAMES HOLDEN, NABIHAH IQBAL, OVERMONO, PEVERELIST, PHILIP D KICK, PIEZO, PURELINK, SLOWDIVE, WATA IGARASHI + many more, on this extended ABSTRACT SCIENCE year-in-review podcast. Co-hosts CHRIS WIDMAN, BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B, JOSHUA P FERGUSON + HENRY SELF mix 4 hours of future music favorites from 2023. [aired 07 + 14 December 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM].

Wav Fuzz “Somatosensation” (Sensing, Lizard Label, 2023)
Two Shell “Ghost2” (Lil Spirits, Mainframe Audio, 2023)
Sp:Mc “Big Request” (Declassified, 2023)
Hudson Mohawke & Nikki Nair feat. Tayla Parx “Set The Roof” (Warp Records, 2023)
The Maghreban “M25 (ft. King Kashmere)” (Zoot Records, 2023)
Slikback “FROST” (H I K A R I, 2023)
Seba & Paradox “Volt” (Ilian Tapes, 2023)
Hodge “Voice Crash” (Timedance, 2023)
Double Screen & Sharpson “U FOUND ME” (Choki Biki, 2023)
Trends + Boylan “Carnage” (Ninety Nine EP, Sneaker Social Club, 2023)
Toma Kami “Ritmo Actual” (Speed Oddity Vol. II, Man Band, 2023)
Peverelist “Pulse III” (Pulse E.P., Livity Sound, 2023)
Moderat “FAST LAND (Marie Davidson Remix)” (EVEN MORE D4TA, Monkeytown, 2023)
Andrea “Remote Working” (Due In Color, Ilian Tape, 2023)
Purelink “Earth To” (Purelink, 2023)

Argo “€1,90” (Encrypted Audio, 2023)
Geode “Big Juke” (Chord Marauders, 2023)
Erika de Casier “Drama” (Bing Remix, Not On Label, 2023)
Piezo “Sensory Overdraw” (Ansia, 2023)
Sam Binga, Bakey & Redders “Dem Boiz Dub” (Pineapple Records, 2023)
Cesco “Superstealth” (1985 Music, 2023)
Stones Taro “Brainstorm” (Scuffed Recordings, 2023)
Henzo “A Fascinating Skeleton” (Not On Label, 2023)
HomeSick “La Da Dee La Da Da” (Not On Label, 2023)
Hiro “BINGO” Watanabe “GGGG” (USI KUVO, 2023)
Anunaku “Celeste” (AD 93, 2023)
Yushh “Same Same” (Wisdom Teeth, 2023)
Broken Lip “Roll Another One” (Iberian Juke, 2023)
DJ FLP “Alchemy” (Not On Label, 2023)
Philip D Kick “Orbit” (Astrophonica, 2023)
Denham Audio “Outer Glow” (Myor, 2023)
Pugilist & Tamen “Synesthesia” (DEXT Recordings, 2023)
Zero T “Sonic Bionic VIP” (Dispatch Recordings, 2023)
Dyl “Nothing As It Seems” (re:st, 2023)

James Holden “Common Land” (Imagine This Is a High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities, Border Community, 2023)
Vague Imaginaires “Le Peuple de L’Azur” (L’Ile Volante, Versatile, 2023)
RAMZi “Tien-Bon” (Feu Follets, FATi, 2023)
Talaboman “Melbourne Bolero” (The Nightland, 2023)
Lindstrom “Everyone Else is a Stranger” (Everyone Else is a Stranger, Smalltown Supersound, 2023)
Mioclono “Retorn” (Cluster I, Hivern Discs, 2023)
Wata Igarashi “Searching” (Agartha, Kompakt, 2023)
Anthony Naples “Scars” (Orbs, ANS, 2023)
James Blake “Loading” (Playing Robots into Heaven, Republic, 2023)
Lord of the Isles & Ellen Renton “My Noise is Nothing” (My Noise is Nothing, AD93, 2023)
Olof Dreijer “Rosa Rogusa” (Hessle Audio, 2023)
V/Z “Habadash” (Suono Assente, AD93, 2023)
The Gaslamp Killer & The Heliocentrics “Witches Whisper” (Legna, Cuss, 2023)

Mandy, Indiana “Pinking Shears” (I’ve Seen A Way, Fire Talk, 2023)
Clark “Clutch Pearlers” (Sus Dog, Throttle, 2023)
Fever Ray “Tapping Fingers” (Radical Romantics, Rabid, 2023)
Liv.e “Snowing!” (Girl In the Half Pearl, In Real Life, 2023)
Nabihah Iqbal “Gentle Heart” (Dreamer, Ninja Tune, 2023)
Slowdive “Chained to a Cloud” (Everything Is Alive, Dead Oceans, 2023)
Overmono “So U Kno” (Good Lies, XL, 2023)
Everything But the Girl “Nothing Left to Lose” (Four Tet Remix) (Buzzin’ Fly/Verve, 2023)
Jamie Jones “Lose My Mind” (Helix, 2023)
Peggy Gou “(It Goes Like) Nanana” (XL, 2023)
Avalon Emerson “Dreamliner” (& the Charm, Another Dove, 2023)
Róisín Murphy “What Not to Do” (Moodymann Remix) (Ninja Tune, 2023)
Yussef Dayes feat. Tom Misch “Rust” (Black Classical Music, Brownswood/Cashmere Thoughts/Nonesuch, 2023)