romare – absci radio [as0980]

romare abstract science future music chicago radio

ROMARE guest mix; new music from PESSIMIST, BONOBO, THE BUNKER NYC, CLOSE UP OF THE SERENE; plus DAVID AXELROD + JAKI LIEBEZEIT in memoriam selections on the latest ABSCI podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins the program with a favorite DAVID AXELROD composition–the oft sampled composer, arranger + producer passed away a few days

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jeff pietro – absci radio [as0977]

jeff pietro abstract science future music chicago radio

JEFF PIETRO guest mix + midwest selections from OLIN, .noncompliant., ZACH LUBIN, NIGHT OWL DINER, CLOSE UP OF THE SERENE + more, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins a techno-heavy program with a 50/50 split of 2016 carry-overs (aka releases from december that didn’t quite get their due) + midwest-related artists/labels: from chicago, OLIN on

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beau wanzer – absci radio [as0973]

beau wanzer abstract science future music radio

BEAU WANZER guest mix + new music from B12, ROMARE, DOMS & DEYKERS, + NOVO LINE on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins the program with a selection slow burners–ranging from ambient techno (B12) to more abrasive NOVO LINE + house grooves (new ROMARE)–followed by glichty IDM, + a bass

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luo – absci radio [as0968]

abstract science luo guest mix future music radio #0968

LUO guest mix + new tunes from KUEDO, NICOLAS JAAR + TYCHO round out the highlights for this edition of ABSTRACT SCIENCE with host MISTER JOSHUA. Moody sounds dominate this week’s podcast episode, moving orchestral chill-out to leftfield house to low-key bass—including a cut from Chicago’s very own OLIN, who we had through the studio

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numero group special with rob sevier + shoes – absci radio [as0963]

numero group special rob sevier shoes abstract science

NUMERO GROUP special featuring ROB SEVIER + SHOES on this week’s podcast/radio show archive, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins this classic soul + funk filled program with a short mix of his favorite NUMERO cuts, followed by a 7” only dj mix from NUMERO dj + label co-founder ROB SEVIER (recorded live at METRO

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duke shin + striz absci radio [as0959]

duke shin + striz abstract science future music radio chicago

DUKE SHIN + STRIZ take over ABSTRACT SCIENCE this week with a back to back 2 hour mix. the first hour features blunted downtempo, funk jazz + breakbats, followed by a more uptempo second hour of house variations + broken beat. both DUKE + STRIZ are veteran chicago DJs previously featured on this program +

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mount bank – absci radio [as0949]

mount bank donkey pitch abstract science radio show

MOUNT BANK guest mix + new music from SEPALCURE, GOLD PANDA, JAMES BLAKE + DJ SHADOW feature on the latest installment of ABSTRACT SCIENCE. MISTER JOSHUA is behind the boards and the turntables this week with wide-ranging selections that move from the future funk of KAYTRANADA and the soulful footwork of SEPALCURE before shifting to

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resident advisor + olin – absci radio [as0939]

abstract science future music chicago olin resident adviser

RESIDENT ADVISOR feature, OLIN guest mix + new music from DMX KREW + TREVINO are featured on this special episode of ABSTRACT SCIENCE. co-host CHRIS WIDMAN begins the program with a mix of techno-oriented selections. following WIDMAN’s intro set, MR. JOSHUA speaks with RESIDENT ADVISOR event programmer RYAN MILLER + SMART BAR talent buyer JASON

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dj form – absci radio [as0937]

dj form abstract science radio

DJ FORM guest mix + new music from KINK (remixing KERRIER DISTRICT aka LUKE VIBERT), TUNNIDGE + FRACTURE collaborating w/ TEKLIFE’s DJ SPINN + TASO on this week’s episode. WIDMAN begins with a handful of house oriented tracks, then moving to drum n bass–mostly new with a few old favorites–and ending with one FOUR TET’s

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woolfy vs projections – radio show [as0927]

woolfy vs projections abstract science future music radio

Exclusive WOOLFY VS PROJECTIONS interview + select cuts from MARTYN, NICOLAS JAAR + KODE9. MISTER JOSHUA does a full studio takeover this week featuring an exclusive chat with Left Coast Balearic duo + Permanent Vacation staples WOOLFY VS PROJECTIONS, talking about their new record STATIONS and the recent resurgence in the Balearic sound. Loads of new music

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