JON HOPKINS, ANIKA, JOY ORBISON + GASPARD AUGE top the highlights for this episode of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast with JOSHUA P FERGUSON + LUKE STOKES. The first half focuses on slo-mo house, acid, ambient, bass + left-field electronics with JOSHUA at the controls. LUKE settles into the second half with ambient jazz, funk, drone + breaks. [aired 23 September 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Lord of the Isles “Waiting in Arsaig” (Whities, 2020)
Pole “Tangente” (Fading, Mute, 2020)
33.10.3402 “Iz Usta” (Sahko, 2021)
Jarle Brathen “Takras” (Prins Thomas edit) (Full Pupp Presents the Greatest Tits Vol 1, Full Pupp, 2008)
Dimension 5 “Flow” (Transdimensional, Intastella, 1997)
Jon Hopkins “Sit Around the Fire” (Music for Psychedelic Therapy, Domino, 2021)
Skee Mask “Dolan Tours” (Pool, Ilian Tape, 2021)
Joy Orbison “Layer 6” (Still Slipping Vol 1, XL, 2021)
Moritz Von Oswald Trio “Chapter 6” (Dissent: Chapters 1-10, Modern Recordings, 2021)
Willow “Squirrel City” (Workshop 30, Workshop, 2021)
DJ Tennis “Atlanta” (Monday Dreamin’ Green EP, CircoLoco, 2021)

Anika “Finger Pies” (Change, Sacred Bones, 2021)
Gaspard Augé “Rocambole” (Escapades, Because Music, 2021)
Desire Marea “Thokozani” (Desire, Mute, 2021)
E.VAX “Karst” (E.Vax, Because Music, 2021)
Nala Sinephro “Space 5” (Space 1.8, Warp, 2021)
Yann Tiersen “Kerlann” (Kerber, Mute, 2021)
The Poets of Rhythm “Discern / Define” (Discern / Define, Daptone, 2021)
Brittany Howard “13th Century Metal (Michael Kiwanuka Version)” (Jaime Reimagined, ATO, 2021)
Brian Jackson, Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad “Nancy Wilson” (Brian Jackson, Jazz is Dead, 2021)
Saint Absullah “A Lot Of Kings (feat. Aquiles Navarro, Kol)” (To Live A La West Pt. 1, Important Records, 2021)
Morgen Wurde & Tis “Deutet (feat. Tetsuroh Konishi)” (Deutet EP, Jazz-O-Tech, 2021)
Emmanuel de la Paix “Clouds to Climb” (Rescue Pack, Broque, 2021)
Jóhann Jóhannsson “A Flag With A Cross” (Gold Dust, Redbird, 2021)
Loess “Troden” (Totems, n5MD, 2021)