New music from RON TRENT, MR. MITCH, RP BOO (remixing µ-Ziq), ZEMI17 + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + LUKE STOKES. WIDMAN begins with a mix of of techno, house, uk garage, electro, footwork, jungle + drum n bass. LUKE follows with an even more varied set, touching on ska, downtempo, jazz, rock, techno, ambient + electronic gamelan. [aired 28 April 2022 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Jeff Mills ‘Canis Major Overdensity” (The Universe: Galaxy 1, Axis, 2022)
Siete Catorce “Cheve” (Cruda, Subreal, 2022)
Fort Romeau & Ron Trent “The Truth (Ron Trent Remix)” (Ghostly, 2022)
Roy Davis Jr. “Rock Shock” (Roule, 1998)
Tuff Culture “Omega” (GS Dubs, 2022)
Sp:Mc “All Night” (Declassified, 2022)
Piezo “Dijitz” (LSD Superhero, Wisdom Teeth, 2022)
Mr. Mitch “Jack Russell” (WORK!, 2022)
Shun “Digital Slave” (The Door, Central Processing Unit, 2022)
µ-Ziq “Rave Whistle (RP Boo Remix)” (Goodbye Remixes, Planet Mu, 2022)
Greazus “Phantasia” (Defrostatica, 2022)
Aural Imbalance “Celestial Beings” (Utopian Society, Vol. 1, Spatial, 2022)
ASC “State of Mind” (Sphere of Influence, Spatial, 2022)

Free Radicals “Ghosts of Montrose” (White Power Outage Vol.2, Self Released, 2022)
DJ Emerson “Notorious Smokers feat. Cosmo W. Pepper” (Repetitive Music 2, Micro.Fon, 2022)
Soundscape Orchestra “Unknown Species (Extended Version)” (Oceans EP, Jazz-o-tech, 2022)
Ada “25 or 6 to 4” (Moon Rider Ep, Tampa Records, 2022)
Beshken “Anti Heaven” (Pantomime, Math Interactive, 2022)
Louis “Monorail (Lorenz Kraach Remix)” (Tristesse, Modem39, 2022)
Gary Holldman “Kantrasta (Jurek Przezdziecki Remix)” (Kantrasta EP, Kooky Music, 2022)
The Allegorist “Marching Crowd” (Blind Emperor, Awaken Chronicles, 2022)
Julien Demoulin “All Around” (Everything Forgotten, Everything Remembered, Sound in Silence, 2021)
M422 “Dradin’s Theme” (Collage 2, Pattern Abuse, 2022)
Zemi17 “Twisting Tirling” (Gamelatron Bidadari, The Bunker New York, 2022)
Manu Did “Still Here“ (Often Inside, Young Art Records, 2022)