KONX-AM-PAX, CIEL, STENNY + PLAID are featured new music on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + LUKE STOKES. For the first hour, WIDMAN quickly ramps up from a dub-wise intro into a mix of breakbeat, neo-rave + epic techno, winding down with the new SCORN + the distorted indie-electronica of BLANCK MASS (ex-FUCK BUTTONS). LUKE takes the second hour in a more eclectic direction, tying together IDM, orchestral ambient, house + techno with classic STOKES movie samples. [aired 20 June 2019 on WLUW 88.7fm Chicago]

Pinch & Shackleton “Rooms Within A Room” (Pinch & Shackleton, Honest Jons, 2011)
PHON.O “We Just Begun” (Get Over It EP, Ideal Europa, 2019)
Konx-om-Pax “Optimism Over Despair” (Ways Of Seeing, Planet Mu, 2019)
Shed “Rigger” (10 Years of Monkeytown, Monkeytown, 2019)
Air Max '97 featuring TSVI “Paroxysm” (Falling Not Walking, Decisions, 2019)
Meat Beat Manifesto “Pin Drop” (Opaque Couché, Meat Beat Manifesto, 2019)
Legowelt “Disco Rout” (Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau, Ghostly Intl., 2002)
Stenny “Fail Better (Bent Mix)” (Stress Test, Ilian Tapes, 2019)
Dexorcist “Sunstorm” (Mayan EP, Yellow Machines, 2013)
rRoxymore “Run... Feet” (Thoughts of an Introvert, Pt. 2, Don't Be Afraid Recordings, 2018)
Nomine “Judas” (Syndicate, Sentry Record, 2019)
Scorn “Feather (Ginger Grass Mix)” (Ohm Resistance, 2019)
Blanck Mass “Silent Treatment" (World Eater, Sacred Bones, 2017)

Nina Simone - Be My Husband - Pastel Blues - Mercury
Saine & Smith - Fake Evans - Dirty Games EP - 2MR
Ouri - We share our blood (Biome remix) - We share our blood remixes - Ghostly International
Plastick.Soldiers - Short Days (original mix) - Short Days Ep - Jazz-O-Tech
Sontag Shogun - Averyon - It Billows Up - Youngbloods
øjeRum - Alting Falder I Samme Rum III - Alting Falder I Samme Rum - Sound In Silence
Plaid - The Pale Moth - Polymer - Warp
Ceil - Uri's Song (ft. Wiretapping) - Why Me? - Spectral Sound
Manatee Commune - Famous - PDA - Bastard Jazz
Pieces of a Man - Listen (Instrumental) - Listen single - Tru Thoughts
Heron - Sun Release - Sune Release - Self Release
Oren Ambarchi - Simian Angel - Simian Angel - Editions Mego

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