New music from CURRENT VALUE, METRODOME, SHED, HAAI + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE PODCAST, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + LUKE STOKES. BILL mixes drum ‘ bass + jungle for the first hour, followed by dubwise + atmospheric techno + house selections from LUKE for hour two. [aired 06 October 2022 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Current Value “Weight” (YUKU, 2022)
Grey Code “Manta” (Metalheadz, 2022)
Gullyteen “Absolute Murder” (Trax Haven, 2022)
dgoHn “Turnips Are OK” (Rognvald Remix, Love Love Records, 2022)
Blood Trust “Transparent Blue” (CNVX, 2021)
Metrodome “Every Time” (1985 Music, 2022)
Mako “Raisuma” (Samurai Music, 2022)
Last Life “Underwater” (LL Series, 2022)
Torn “Automaton Clock” (Samurai Music, 2022)
Quartz “Lies” (RuptureLDN, 2022)
Paradox “Desolator” (Paradox Musix, 2022)
Felix K “Deconstructor” (Nullpunkt, 2020)
The Binary Collective “Sin Skin 1” (Exit Records, 2020)

Sid Le Rock “Grizzly” (Invisible Nation, Beachcoma Recordings, 2022)
Rob Paine, Heights “Selassie’s Song (Original)” (Selassie’s Song, Worship Recordings, 2022)
Weval “March On” (Time Goes, Techicolour, 2022)
Nikitch & Kuna Maze “En Passant” (Back & Forth, Try Thoughts, 2022)
Ron Trent presents WARM “Flos Potentia (Sugar, Cotton, Tabacco)” (What do the stars say to you, Night Time Stories, 2022)
Aki Himanen & Aleksi Kinnunen “Shining Shades” (A thing with feathers, Jazz-o-Tech, 2022)
Lyder “Helicrisum” (Vivacity EP, Jazz-o-Tech, 2022)
Harvey Sutherland “Jouissance” (Boy, House Anxiety, 2022)
Maria Chiara Argirò “Bonsai” (Forest City, Innovative Leisure, 2022)
Shed “KMA” (Towards East, Edition Dur, 2022)
OLAN “Reckoning” (Contra, Anjunadeep , 2022)
Too Real Djambo “Health” (Various Artist : PY4IED, Pyteca, 2022)
HAAI “Pigeon Barron” (Baby, We’re Ascending, Mute, 2022)