New music from MONTY + VISAGES, GEODE, ACTRESS, MARTA MIST + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + LUKE STOKES. BILL begins with a mix of dubstep, grime, club, garage + breakbeat. LUKE follows with eclectic selections, quickly sliding from uptempo bangers into downtempo + ambient. [aired 02 February 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Ivy Lab “Our Time” (20/20 LDN Recordings, 2022)
Visages “MK Ultra” (1985 Music, 2022)
Moresounds “We Rule” (Original Cultures, 2022)
Cartridge “Sparse” (Not On Label, 2022)
Nikki Nair & DJ ADHD “Dis One” (SSPB, 2022)
Stenny “Wipe Out” (Ilian Tape, 2022)
Patrick Brian “Giant” (Sneaker Social Club, 2022)
J:Kenzo “Expansion” (Tempa, 2015)
Arcane “Unstoppable” (Omertà Records, 2020)
Monty & Visages “Ange” (1985 Music, 2023)
Bengal Sound “Solace” (Wych, 2022)
TMSV “Solaire” (Perfect Records, 2022)
Geode “Big Juke” (Chord Marauders, 2023)
AK Sports “Sayulita” (Shall Not Fade, 2022)
Frankel & Harper “Buffalo Skank” (Shall Not Fade, 2022)
Hooverian Blur “Delusion” (Sneaker Social Club, 2022)
Sharpson “Skinny Mysterio” (Choki Biki, 2022)

Jay Darkside & Ragga Twins “Follow We” (Various Artist: Shapes : Spectrum, Tru Thoughts, 2022)
Kaiunta “Noidat” (Various Artist: Fenno Pagan Ritual II : Ceremony For Peace Curated by Empathn, Underdub records, 2023)
Gimenö “Finale (Original Mix)” (Movement, TUTU, 2022)
Nasaya “Reyes” (Reves EP, Foreign Family Collective, 2022)
Nosaj Thing “We Are (feat. Hyukoh) (Continua, Lucky Me, 2022)
Leland Whitty “Silver Rain” (Anyhow, Innovative Leisure, 2022)
Glosser “PBE” (Downer, Self Released, 2023)
Best Fern “Night Swim” (Earth Then Air, Youngbloods/Backward Music, 2023)
Last Days “Atoms for Peace” (Windscale, n5MD, 2023)
Iluiteq “Fate Unveiled” (Reflections From the Road, n5MD, 2023)
Marta Mist “We have business to attend to” (Eyes Like Pools, Sound in Silence, 2022)
Actress “Dummy Corporation” (Dummy Corporation EP, Ninja Tune, 2022)