New music from KHRUANGBIN, JONNY FROM SPACE, CHANTS, VORP, BEN FROST + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by JOSHUA P FERGUSON + CHRIS WIDMAN. JOSHUA begins with laconic downtempo + cosmic trip hop, moving into broken beat, breakbeat + techno. WIDMAN follows with deconstructed club, 2 step, electro, drum n bass + experimental sounds. [aired 07 March 2024 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Yin Yin “The Year of the Tiger” (Mount Matsu, Glitterbeat, 2024)
Adrian Quesada “Alberto’s Loop” (Jaguar Sound, ATO, 2022)
The Natural Yogurt Band “Possible Danger” (Spores, BMM, 2024)
Khruangbin “A Love International” (A La Sala, Dead Oceans, 2024)
Glass Beams “Mahal” (Ninja Tune, 2024)
JJ Whitefield “Sost” (Myriad remix) (Ethio Meditations Remixes, Krekpek, 2023)
Kassa Overall “The Score was Made” (ANIMALS, Warp, 2023)
Jonny from Space “Slip” (Back Then I Didn’t But Now I Do, Incienso, 2024)
Tom Burbank “Cracked” (Famous First Words, Planet Mu, 2006)
Submerse “The Combo Could End Us” (Algorithms and Ghosts, Project: Mooncircle, 2013)
Fields of Mist “Harnessing Solar Wind” (Biospore Farmers, Ilian Tapes, 2024)
Lord of the Isles “Lo-Theory” (Subtle Thoughts, Lapsus, 2022)
Jdotbalance “Sublimate” (ESP Institute, 2023)
Akkord “Continuum” (Houndstooth, 2014)
Sebastian Voigt “Untitled” (Locked Groove remix) (Outkast Oddity, 2017)

SSSLIP “All One Object” (SSSLIP02, 2024)
Chants “Chaotic Dance” (Maximum Airtime, 2024)
Posthuman “Shifter” (Balkan Vinyl, 2024)
Sam Binga, Bakey, Redders “Dem Boiz” (Binga & Bakey, Pineapple 2023)
Vorp “Up The Wazoo” (I Plead The Filth EP, Dark Heaven, 2024)
CAIV “Shamanfreude 2.0” (Dwellers, Tresor, 2024)
Zvrra “Relations” (Street2Space, Vulcanologist, 2024)
JK Flesh “PI11.2” (PI11, PI recordings, 2024)
Atrice “Is It Warm” (Multiplex, Ilian Tape, 2024)
Addison Groove “Meaty Business” (EXIT100 Pt. One, 2024)
Drumskull “Scrolling Shooter (Dwarde Remix)” (Hooversound, 2024)
Three Hands of Doom “Burnt Earth” (Three Hands of Doom, Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2024)
Ben Frost “_1993” (Scope Neglect, Mute, 2024)