New music from SISTER ZO + SAM BINGA, THE GLITCH MOB, LOW END ACTIVIST, µ-ZIQ, OLIVIA BLOCK + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + CHRIS WIDMAN. BILL begins with a self-described mix of “kitchen sink 140”, covering UK club, breakbeat, dubstep, grime, garage + techno. WIDMAN follows with mutant dnb + jungle, before sliding into more ambient + experimental sounds. [aired 25 april 2024 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Ivy Lab “Monsoon” (Sneaker Social Club, 2024)
Pugilist “Repeater” (Ruff Trax Vol 2, 2024)
Sister Zo & Sam Binga “Won’t Do It” (Pineapple Records, 2024)
Cesco & Hamdi “Swing King” (1985 Music, 2023)
The Glitch Mob “L-EV8” (Twenty Twenty, 2024)
TMSV “The Ritual” (Perfect Records, 2023)
Leon P “Baile Grime” (1985 Music, 2023)
Bing “As Ever” (Part Four Records, 2022)
Oyubi “Supa Dub” (Trekkie Trax, 2023)
Mor Elian “Double Dip” (Fever AM, 2023)
Know V.A. “Dilemma” (Strange Days, 2023)
BFTT “THP” (Worldwide Unlimited , 2023)
Tom Jarmey “Almost Breaking” (Wing Theory, 2023)
Quartz “Apparitions” (System Music, 2023)
Marc Brauner “Rainbow Road” (Shall Not Fade, 2024)
K-Lone “Strings” (Wisdom Teeth, 2023)

ltfll “lY11” (did you mean: irish, vol. 2, irsh, 2022)
DJ Physical “A Little Deeper” (Midnight Marauder, Unkown to the Unknown, 2024)
Low End Activist “Airdrop 03 (Mayhem On Barton Hill)” (Airdrop, 2024)
ASC “Constellations” (Reflections, Auxiliary, 2024)
µ-Ziq “Hyper Daddy” (Grush, Planet Mu, 2024)
Machinedrum featuring ROZET “RISE” (RISE, Machinedrum, 2024)
Osheyack and Nahash “Temperance” (Bait, SVBKVLT, 2024)
Skeptical + Kid Drama “Scorn” (EXIT100, Pt. Three, Exit Records, 2024)
DJ Pembroke “weed” (weed EP, Emperor Recordings, 2024)
Mixmaster Morris, Jonah Sharp, Haruomi Hosono “Quiet Logic” (Quiet Logic, WRWTFWW, 1998/2024)
Château Flight “LAIR DE LUNE À MYKONOS: (La Folie Studio, 2024)
Olivia Block “f2754” (The Mountains Pass, Black Truffle, 2024)