SLUGABED, MAX COOPER + DOPPLEREFFEKT are featured new music selections on this week’s Abstract Science podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF. WIDMAN begins the program with a set drum n bass, mixing new tracks, from producers mostly known for house + techno, with classics spanning from 1994-2008; downtempo, beatless synth numbers + drone follow. HENRY takes over for the second hour with a mix of house, disco + synth funk. [aired 27 april 2017 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Skee Mask “Glass Museum” (2012, Ilian Tapes, 2017)
Special “Request Replicant” (Stairfoot Lane Bunker, Houndstooth, 2017)
Three Disciples ‎"Gwarn (Remix)" (Flex, 1994)
Technical Itch “The Virus” (Moving Shadow, 1997)
Justice "Westside Centre" (Recordings Of Substance, 1998) 
London Electricity “Attack Ships on Fire” (Hospital Recordings, 2008)
Quadratic "Mother" (Between the Cracks, Droidsong, 2013)
Lil Jabba "Skattered Tags" (Grotto, Local Action, 2016)
Andrea Parker "Breaking The Code" (Kiss My Arp, Mo Wax, 1998)
Slugabed "Stupid Earth" (Inherit the Earth, Anticon, 2017)
Dopplereffekt "Ulams Spiral" (Cellular Automata, Leisure System, 2017)
The Bug vs. Earth "Agoraphobia" (Concrete Desert, Ninja Tune 2017)

John F.M. "Alone" - FXHE
Max Cooper & Tom Hodge feat. Kathrin DeBoer "Trust" (Christian Löffler Revision) – Emergence Remixed - Mesh
Linear Movement "I Might As Well Be There" - Revival of the Fittest - Micrart
Djuma Soundsystem "Les Djinns" (Trentemøller Remix) - The Trentemøller Chronicles - Audiomatique
Renegade Soundwave "The Phantom" - Mute
Todd Terje "Snooze 4 Love" (Dixon Remix) - Olsen
Tom Trago "Lost In the Streets of NYC" - Voyage Direct - Rush Hour
Jessy Lanza "Oh No" - Oh No - Hyperdub
Matrixxman "Earth Like Conditions" (Instance Remix) — Homesick Remixes — Ghostly International
Agoria "Tribute" - #savefabric Compilation - Houndstooth
Midland "Final Credits" - Regraded

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