starfoxxx – radio show [as0867]

starfoxxx - abstract science radio show #0867

STARFOXXX guest mix + new music from CARIBOU, SHACKLETON + DARK SKY are featured on this week’s program. MR JOSHUA starts with a string of absolutely stellar new instrumental 4-on-the-floor releases, before descending into breakbeat and vocal slow jams, that end the first hour somewhere on the fringes of dubstep country. Just check the tracklisting,

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ultrademon – radio show [as0866]

abstract science radio #866 w/ ultrademon

ULTRADEMON guest mix + new music from DORIAN CONCEPT, LUSINE + LURKA are featured on this week’s program. WIDMAN begins with some expressive new material from DORIAN CONCEPT + absci favorites MARTYN + LUSINE, before moving into a set of bass music (gone house), mostly from the UK–a mix actually recorded live at SMART BAR

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dj shiva – radio show [as0862]

dj shiva - abstract science radio show #0862

DJ SHIVA guest mix + new music from DEMDIKE STARE, PINCH + JOKER are featured on this week’s program. WIDMAN begins with a mixture of techno, avant-garage and bass music hybrids, before moving into a selection of oddball 70 bpm tunes new and old. for the second hour we have a special guest mix from

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shigeto – radio show [as0858]

shigeto - radio show #858

SHIGETO guest mix, plus new music from LONE, L-VIS 1990 + TAYLOR MCFERRIN are featured on this week’s program. WIDMAN kicks off with lush piano-driven broken beat from LONE’s new album “reality testing”, then dark deepness from detroit’s cryptic HOW TO KILL label and the DIAMOND VERSION project from RASTER-NORTON’s CARSTEN NICOLAI. the first hour

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different sleep – radio show [as0855]

DIFFERENT SLEEP (from FRIENDS OF FRIENDS music) in-studio interview + guest selections, plus new music from PLAID, KYLE HALL + TAYLOR MCFERRIN are featured on this week’s episode. JOSHUA begins with balearic chill-out + beautiful new melodies from PLAID + other IDM veterans, setting up the conversation + guest selections with chicago producer DIFFERENT SLEEP,

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the flashbulb – radio show [as0853]

THE FLASHBULB guest mix + online q&a, plus new music from TIPPER, LONE + LUKE VIBERT are featured for this week’s archive. WIDMAN kicks it off with a bit of footwork-inspired drum n bass–including STRAY’s tribute track to DJ RASHAD(RIP)–moving into glitch hop + broken beat, techno + acid, closing it out with the latest

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radio show [as0850] chris e pants

radio show #850

CHRIS E PANTS (aka CHRISSY MURDERBOT) guest mix + new music from STRAY, BASS CLEF + DISTRICT are featured on this week’s program. WIDMAN begins with short selection of jungle/drum n bass (spanning about 20 years, including a SUBURBAN BASE classic just recently re-released on a new label retrospective compilation), using SQUAREPUSHER’s latest composition for

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