ANCHORSONG, SOULWAX, ROISIN MURPHY + SQUID top the featured tracks on this installment of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast hosted by JOSHUA P FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. JOSHUA moves from leftfield + deep house to post-rock + downtempo and back through the first hour. HENRY eases into things on a balearic tip before getting into orchestral post-punk, low-slung house + classic techno. [aired 24 June 2021 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Sam Prekop & John McEntire “Kreuzung” (Tour EP, TAL, 2019)
Juju & Jordash “Deadman” (Sis-Boom-Bah!, Dekmantel, 2017)
Baltra “Baby” (Ambition, Local Action, 2021)
Trinity Carbon “Ashley Road Steppa” (Trinity Carbon, ESP Institute, 2021)
Seefeel “Charlotte’s Mouth” (Quique, Too Pure, 1993)
Tortoise “Djed” (Blues Blood UNKLE remix) (Remixed, Thrill Jockey, 1998)
Steve Reich “Megamix” (Tranquility Bass remix) (Reich: Remixed, Nonesuch, 1999)
The Orb “Doughnuts Forever” (No Sounds are Out of Bounds, Cooking Vinyl, 2018)
Lone “Jaded” (Reality Testing, R&S, 2014)
Nina Kraviz “Turn on the Radio” (Nina Kraviz, Rekids, 2012)
Soulwax “Heaven Scent” (Foundations, Dee Wee, 2021)
Zwicker “Traumdeuter” (Songs of Lucid Dreamers, Compost, 2009)
Roisin Murphy “Assimilation” (Crooked Machine, Skint, 2021)

Max Essa “Jules Y Cynthia” (Is It Balearic?, 2021)
Solomun feat. Tom Smith “Night Travel” (Nobody Is Not Loved, BMG, 2021)
Mogwai “Midnight Flit” (As the Love Continues, Temporary Residence, 2021)
Squid feat. Martha Skye Murphy “Narrator” (Bright Green Field, Warp, 2021)
Bolis Pupul “Moon Theme” (Deewee, 2016)
E.VAX “Rabindra” (E.VAX, Because Music, 2021)
Rheinzand “Obey” (Scorpio Twins Dub Mix) (Rheinzand Remixes, Music for Dreams, 2021)
The Avalanches “Electricity” (Original Avalanches Demo Tape) (Since I Left You 20th Anniversary, Modular, 2021)
Anchorsong “Saudade” (Mirage, Tru Thoughts, 2021)
Brijean “Hey Boy” (Feelings, Ghostly International, 2021)
Azul Y Negro “Mar De La Tranquilidad” (DJ Steef Edit) (Darkness Has Never Been So Bright 8, La dame Noir, 2021)
3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins “Die Kosmischen Kuriere” (Tresor, 1992)
Shire T “Blue Kiss” (Tomorrow’s People, Dama Dama, 2021)