SLIKBACK, SCRATCH DVA, THROWING SNOW + DAN CURTIN are featured new music + a special VOCODERS ONLY deep crate dive, on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF. WIDMAN focuses the first hour on new grime-inspired UK club sounds + left-field techno. for the second hour, HENRY pulls 80s electro classics & 80s-inspired cuts from the depths with an exquisitely programmed VOCODERS ONLY themed mix. [aired 21 february 2019 on WLUW-chicago 88.7fm]

Slikback “RAGE” (Tomo, Hakuna Kulala, 2019)
Basic Rhythm “Dough Boy” (Arcola, 2018)
YAK “Lucid Nightmare” (3024-FYE1, 2018)
Scratcha DVA “Untitled 999” (DRMTRK IV, 2019)
Ryan James Ford “Extra Soft Loaf” (Rptch09, 2019)
PSSU “307309” (PSSU, Drone Out, 2018)
Siriusmo “SUPERFX” (ZEIT, Monkeytown, 2018)
Walton “Gunshot Clap” (Inside, Tectonic, 2019)
Throwing Snow “Rheged” (Houndstooth, 2019)
Substance "Countdown” (Rise And Shine, Ostgut Ton, 2019)
Hodge “Raptors” (Exogenesis EP, Berceuse Heroique, 2019)
Scalameriya “Enhance...Stop!” (Power Vacuum, 2019)
Dan Curtin “Pat to Win (Original Mix)” (District Omega EP, Bluemoog Music)
Claude Young “The Sleeper Awakens” (Nocturnal, Djax-Up-Beats, 1995)

Yellow Magic Orchestra "Behind the Mask" - Solid State Survivor - Alfa
Q "The Voice of Q" (Instrumental) - Philly World
Casco "Cybernetic Love" - House of Music
Daft Punk "Robot Rock" (Soulwax Remix) -  Most of the Remixes... - Parlophone
Freestyle "Don't Stop the Rock" - Music Specialists
Kano "I'm Ready" - Kano - Emergency
M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade feat. Laurie Anderson - "Oh Superman" - 5 Years Get Physical - Get Physical
Trans Volta "Disco Computer" - Warner Bros.
Kraftwerk "Computer World" - Computer World - Warner Bros.
Boards of Canada "In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country" - Warp
Solvent "Think Like Us" (Solvent Vs. Lowfish Mix) - Ghostly International
Hashim "Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)" - Cutting

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