Celebrating 20 years of GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL + SPECTRAL SOUND records on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + JOSHUA P FERGUSON. Ahead of their all-building 20 year celebration at Metro/Smartbar Chicago, CHRIS WIDMAN mixes an hour his favorite releases from the Ann Arbour, Michigan/ New York City based Ghostly International + Spectral Sound labels. For the second hour we feature an unheard live dj set of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE djs (CHRIS WIDMAN + JOSHUA P FERGUSON) opening for GHOSTLY golden boy MATTHEW DEAR, recorded live at SLEEPING VILLAGE in Chicago (2018). [aired 10 + 17 October 2019 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

>CHRIS WIDMAN "Ghostly Intl + Spectral Mix"
Dabrye “Emancipated (feat. Ghostface Killah)” (Three/Three. Ghostly Intl, 2018) 
Shigeto “Pulse” (Intermission, Ghostly Intl., 2015) 
Fort Romeau “Folle” (Insides, Ghostly Intl., 2015)
Cepia “Ithaca” (Ghostly Swim. 2008)
Lusine “Quiet Day” (Arterial, 2014)
Osborne “Downtown’ (Osborne, Spectral Sound, 2008)
Osborne “Wait A Minute (Arto Mwambe remix)” (Hovercrafting EP, Spectral Sound, 2009)
Matthew Dear ”Tide” (Backstroke. Spectral Sound, 2004)
Avalon Emerson “Natural Impasse” (Narcissus in Retrograde, Spectral Sound, 2016)
Tycho ”Montana (Christopher Willits Remix)” (Awake Remixes, Ghostly Intl, 2016)
X-Altera ”Pasco Richey Tiger” (X-Altera, Ghostly Intl, 2018)
Telefon Tel Aviv “Not Seeing,“ (Dreams Are Not Enough, Ghostly Intl, 2019)

Abstract Science djs "Live w/ Matthew Dear @ Sleeping Village Chicago" (Nov. 2018)
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